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Golfer Freecell 1.0

Golfer Freecell, the classic frecell solitaire card game with a fun golf theme. Play in full screen mode, and with auto complete. Game play is fast, perfect for a quick break from work in the office. ... (for Windows)

2014-07-02 1 Freeware Solitaire Games
Wasp Solitaire Card Game 1.0

Wasp Solitaire is here to fly you away, folks! Much like it's related card game, Scorpion Solitaire, this solitaire card game stings you where it hurts. It's not nearly as bad as the afore mentioned, but it's definitely up there. ... (for DOS, Handheld, Linux, Mac, Other, Palm OS, Windows, Windows Mobile)

2014-06-09 18 Freeware Solitaire
Fun Freecell Game 1.2.1

Fun Freecell Game is a card Game that allows you to move all the cards from the board area to the home cells ... (for Windows)

2014-05-31 8 Freeware 3dfishgame
Guess Card Game 1.2

Guess Card Game is a simple card game that lets you guess whether the next random card is lower or higher than the currently shown card. ... (for Windows)

2014-05-31 7 Freeware 3dfishgame
Pretty Good Solitaire 14.3.5

Pretty Good Solitaire is a collection of 835 solitaire games. It features lush graphics, beautiful easy-to-read cards, sound, in-depth statistics, and solitaire for points in solitaire quests. ... (for Windows)

2014-05-24 147 Shareware Goodsol Development Inc.
4 Suit Yukon Spider Solitaire 1.0

Ready to play a spider solitaire card game that's more akin to traditional solitaire? Then it's time you start playing Yukon Solitaire. This card game is similar to Klondike Solitaire--or "traditional solitaire"--because the object of the game. ... (for DOS, Handheld, Linux, Mac, Other, Palm OS, Windows, Windows Mobile)

2014-03-23 8 Freeware Spider Solitaire
4 Suit Scorpion Spider Solitaire 1.0

Hey there, Spider Solitaire master! You have found yourself on the hardest card game on the Card Game Spider Solitaire site! Either you have mastered solitaire or you really like a challenge, or both! Either way, this game will be sure to please you! ... (for DOS, Handheld, Linux, Mac, Other, Palm OS, Windows, Windows Mobile)

2014-03-15 3 Freeware Spider Solitaire
RightCard 1.0

RightCard v1.0 is a game of cards, a Hermit, much simple one to play but enough difficult to close. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-26 5 Freeware J&B Software 84
MB Mahjong Oracle 1.25

MB Free Mahjong Oracle is a Chinese fortune telling oracle software based on Mahjong Tiles. MB Free Mahjong Oracle is an interesting software with a simple to use interface. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-24 4 Freeware
Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt 1.0

In this free Pyramid Solitaire game you must help the Pharaoh build his illustrious pyramids by removing all the cards dealt at the start. Clear cards by selecting pairs of cards that add up to exactly 13. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-23 12 Freeware
100% Free Five Hundred 7.44

Discover this exciting blend of Spades and Euchre! Five Hundred is the national card game of Australia-- and a nation of people can't be wrong! Join the fun with Championship Five Hundred. Vivid graphics enhance game play across five skill levels. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-22 5 Freeware DreamQuest Games
Deuces Wild 50 Play Video Poker 1.0

Deuces Wild is a video poker game in which deuces (2s) are wild cards. A wild card is a card that can be substituted for any card to create the best possible hand for the player. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-20 5 Freeware Card Games Poker
LANPoker 1.0

Play LANPoker over LAN and Internet. No registration needed. Just start and play with your friends. Different AI players and styles are also an option for training Hold'em Limit and NoLimit. Have fun! ... (for Windows)

2013-05-17 15 Freeware LANPoker Team
Championship Cribbage for PalmOS 6.99

Race to the Finish with this Classic! Discover a new set of friends with an exciting game of Championship Cribbage All-Stars! Our 24 All-Star characters span across 5 levels of difficulty to suit the player in you. ... (for Palm OS)

2013-05-16 4 Shareware DreamQuest Software
Tams11 Cribbage

Check out this popular game Cribbage. You can play with 2, 3, or 4 players. You can also play 4 player partners game. Game includes chat abilities, tally list, and many other features. Needs the Tams11 Lobby (www.tams11. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-15 9 Freeware Tamera A Shaw-McGuire
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