Puzzle & Word Games
Name Date added Downloads License Author
Mission Helicopter 1.0

Mission Helicopter is an interesting puzzle game for free. Collect the orange object in every level and throw this in the pipeline to go to the next level. What use is an idea until you can find the resources to bring it to life? ... (for Windows)

2013-04-27 6 Freeware NowStat.com
FlipIt Eons 1.0

Captain Eon has lost his place in time. Can you help him find his way back? Manage two game boards at once in this innovative and wildly addictive action puzzle game. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-27 1 Freeware MyPlayBus.com
Playrix Fishdom: Frosty Splash 1.3

Enjoy winter with Fishdom! Cheer up and spread the merriment of crispy clear days around! Use your imagination to recreate the nippy and fun atmosphere of winter in your tank. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-27 2 Shareware Playrix Entertainment
Shangri La 2 Deluxe 1.0

Here we are again with the sequel of Shangri LaOCZ In this game you will have to follow the trail along the Valley of Words and find the hidden city in the word game Shangri La 2 Deluxe. Remove letter tiles from the screen by forming words. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-26 3 Freeware MyPlayBus.com
Mahjong Empire 1.4

Mahjong Empire is a puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game. The objective is to remove all the tiles from the board. Game Instructions: Try to remove tiles matches that free up the most tiles first. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-25 4 Freeware ePlaybus.com
Doctor Joe 1.10

Some lovely animals will appear on the screen, one of them has a abnormal body temperature, and one of them has abnormal heart beat. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-24 2 Freeware ePlaybus.com
Guess The Phrase (Linux) 1.21

Can you guess the hidden phrase? Link letters into words to reveal parts of the phrase. Solve different categories such as Movie Titles, Popular Musicians, World Cities, Animals and many more! ... (for Linux)

2013-04-23 2 Shareware Kristanix Games
Mystery Of Unicorn Castle 1.0

The heroes of magnificent hidden object game are waiting for you! What a mystery is kept in the ancient castle? ... (for Windows)

2013-04-23 2 Freeware MyPlayBus.com
Aztec Mind 2 1.0

In ancient Aztec, you must navigate the sacred piece out of the tomb! Try to beat your time and the number of moves. Hurry! Use the mouse to slide any movable stones. The goal is to move the sacred piece out via the bottom left corner exit. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-23 7 Freeware ePlaybus.com
Totem Destroyer Deluxe 1.0

A totally new totem adventure is out! New blocks, new puzzles and a new HD artwork. 50 levels for now, and free DLC updates to come! Your mission is to destroy the totems without letting the golden Idol (aka Tot) fall into the ground. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-23 1 Freeware MyPlayBus.com
Huje Tower 2 1.0

In this physics puzzler you must guide the little creatures to their doom. This game is like meeblings. Use the little creatures to build a bridge or ladder for the others to climb. Build your own levels and upgrade with powerups and more! ... (for Windows)

2013-04-22 2 Freeware ePlaybus.com
Cradle of Rome for Mac OS X 1.27

Welcome to Cradle of Rome! Use the chance to build Ancient Rome, the most legendary city of all time! One of the powerful capitals that have ever existed wants you to become its Emperor! ... (for Mac)

2013-04-22 5 Shareware AWEM studio
Angry Birds Seasons 3.1.1

Angry Birds Seasons is the gift that keeps on giving! Get into the spirit of Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St.Patrick's Day, Easter and more upcoming seasonal varieties of Angry Birds. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-22 11 Demo Rovio
Photo Mania 1.0

In Photo Mania, you can make your dreams of becoming a photographer come true. Ellie didnOCOt have strict direction in her life. Then one day while walking her dog out in the park, she noticed an ad for photography studies. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-21 6 Freeware MyPlayBus.com
Woodwille Chronicles 1.0

Build your own beautiful town in Woodville Chronicles, a fun and fantastic Match 3 game! Collect resources and build your city from the ground up! Complete challenging levels and unravel the secret of your town. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-21 1 Freeware MyPlayBus.com