Puzzle & Word Games
Name Date added Downloads License Author
Safaris Holidays 1.0

Solve this fun puzzle and Book you Safari Holiday Online Today! ... (for Windows)

2013-05-09 9 Freeware Safaris Holidays
Pastime Puzzles Deluxe The Fifties 1.0

Slip away to innocent days with this fantastically fun collection of jigsaws with a nostalgic theme. Start with the Puzzle Challenge and work your way through increasingly difficult puzzles. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-08 7 Freeware MyPlayBus.com
Syrup Factory 1.0

Syrup Factory is an interesting puzzle for free. You are the Syrup Factory manager. Use your mouse to pull the lines or columns in order to form groups of at least three fruits of the same color. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-08 3 Freeware ePlaybus.com
Deep Sea Dive 1.0

Deep Sea Dive asks you to make matches of three or more in a row by swapping two adjacent pieces. To make it to the next level, you must collect enough sea creatures before your oxygen runs out. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-08 7 Freeware ePlaybus.com
Wake the Royalty 1.0

Wake the Royalty Level Pack is a sequel of the popular physics game. Place wooden objects so the movement would wake up the royal family. Attach wood objects to other wood objects and create a chain reaction. Much fun with the level pack! ... (for Windows)

2013-05-08 7 Freeware ePlaybus.com
Tams11 Shake It!

Play this word game version of the popular game Yachtzee. There are 10 rounds per game. You create words to match the 10 different catagories. You get three rolls per turn so use them wisely. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-08 10 Freeware Tamera A Shaw-McGuire
Around the World in 80 Days by Playrix 1.5

You only have 80 days to circumnavigate the globe. Think that sounds easy? ... (for Windows)

2013-05-07 13 Shareware Playrix Entertainment
El Dorado Quest 1.0

Become a real hunter of treasures! You will go step by step into the ancient Incan civilization to find the lost city of Eldorado, the city that is hidden in the Amazon jungles. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-07 3 Freeware FreeGamePick.com
Tasty Food Memory 1.0

Tasty Food Memory is an interesting puzzle game for free. Good enough to eat? Tasty enough to remember? Memorize the locations of the paired food items and then match them in as few clicks and possible. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-06 6 Freeware NowStat.com
iCarly: iDream in Toons 1.0

Late one night while watching a cartoon marathon, Spencer Shay falls into a deep sleep and wakes up in dream. The dream starts off with Spencer watching a web cast of iCarly, but something isnOCOt quite right! ... (for Windows)

2013-05-06 9 Freeware MyPlayBus.com
Mahjong Hero 1.1

Mahjong Hero is the mahjong software of traditional quiz game, which has Chinese classic culture. In the game, you will play with 3 computer players. Once you have experienced Mahjong Hero, you will soon be coming back for more. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-06 7 Freeware MyPlayBus.com
Catch the Star 2 1.0

In Catch the Star 2 your job to knock all the stars out of the sky with a few well-placed moves. Using a realistic physics engine, send parts toppling through space as you try to clear each challenging level. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-06 4 Freeware ePlaybus.com
Yoplait Whips Fantastic Freeze 1.99

Create clusters of three or more tasty flavors in Yoplait Whips! Fantastic Freeze. Use the spoon to fire the flavors towards the pack. Try to fill up the flavor meters to complete each level! ... (for Windows)

2013-05-05 5 Freeware ePlaybus.com
Shape Inlay 1.4.1

Puzzle enthusiasts, come and accept the refreshing challenge of Shape Inlay! In this game, your goal is to complete a large shape with the given tiles. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-05 3 Freeware Novel Games Limited
Animation Puzzle 1.4.1

Can you rebuild the animated picture? Your goal in this game is to rearrange the tiles according to the animation. ... (for Windows)

2013-05-05 11 Freeware Novel Games Limited