Name Date added Downloads License Author
GstarCAD 2012 POL Polish 1.0

GstarCAD is the fast, powerful and DWG-compatible CAD software. It is the world-class 2D/3D CAD (Computer aided design) software platform based on IntelliCAD technology. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-10 3 Freeware Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd
JigCell for Mac OS X 7.1.0

JigCell is an effort to develop and maintain an open source modeling environment for computational biology. ... (for Mac)

2013-04-10 2 Freeware Jason Zwolak
DWG to PDF Creator 3.4

DWG to PDF Creator is a FREE lightweight powerful AutoCAD utility for creating PDF files from DWG, DXF and DWF files. Also, view and print AutoCAD files without having the expensive AutoCAD program installed. ... (for Windows)

2013-04-09 11 Freeware SkySof Software Inc.
RiliView 1.1.0

A Microstation GIS to allow pipeline design and management Requirements: Microstation XM or V8i ... (for Windows)

2013-04-09 40 Freeware 3B Soft
QSapecNG 2.0.0 Beta 1.0

QSapecNG is a Qt-based program for symbolic analysis of linear analog circuits. In fact, it consists of two indipendent parts: the SapecNG framework engine and the application gui QSapecNG. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-09 5 Freeware Michele Caini
p3d for Linux, Mac OS X 2.1.1 Rev1615 v1615

p3d is a general data-reduction tool that is intended to be used with data of fiber-fed integral field spectrographs (IFSs). This tool can be useful for people who have access to astronomical data of such an instrument. ... (for Mac)

2013-04-09 3 Freeware Christer Sandin
McCad PCB-ST for Mac OS X 3.1.07

McCAD PCB-ST is an integrated PCB layout design environment for the board designer who does serious layout work and requires the availability of powerful design and edit tools at his fingertips. ... (for Mac)

2013-04-09 6 Demo McCAD
Maxsurf 17.07

Maxsurf provides fast, flexible and intuitive modelling of all types of hulls, superstructures and appendages. An unlimited number of trimmed NURB surfaces can be used to model any vessel from yachts to workboats to the largest ships. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-09 6 Demo Formation Design Systems Pty Ltd.
Sheet Lightning 6.19D 1.0

Sheet Lightning and Mesh Unfolder are unique and powerful 3D CAD engineering design software products for sheet metal engineering, fabrication and manufacture. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-08 9 Demo Revcad Ltd.
LabCollector 1.5.0

LabCollector is a powerful application that allows you to gather the information from multiple locations in one database. The program can be accessed by using a Internet browser in order to manage the data. ... (for Mac, Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-08 3 Shareware AgileBio
MITK 3M3 for Linux 1.1.0 R28043 28043

MITK 3M3 is a free and user-friendly application which ensures effective and efficient work, analysis, and visualization of radiological image data. MITK 3M3 gives you access to the latest algorithms and methods from research. ... (for Linux)

2013-04-07 2 Freeware Mint Medical GmbH
SteamTab Quad 4.0

SteamTab Quad sets a new standard in capability and ease of use for steam property generation. SteamTab Quad contains all of the features of SteamTab Duo. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-07 2 Demo ChemicaLogic Corporation
VeeCAD 2.22 Release 1.0

Like a PCB layout program, VeeCAD takes a schematic generated netlist and assists you to build a layout - but on stripboard (Veroboard). ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-06 7 Freeware Roger Lascelles
Peptizer 1.8.3

Manual validation of MS/MS driven peptide identification is a critical evaluation process relying on expert knowledge. ... (for Windows, Windows 7)

2013-04-06 1 Freeware Kenny Helsens
EnergyRB for Mac OS X 1.0

EnergyRB is an application which numerically finds the eigenenergies and eigenfunctions for the time independent Schr+Adinger equation in one dimension. ... (for Mac)

2013-04-05 1 Freeware Bob Delaney