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Advanced Lotus Password Recovery 2.0

A program to recover lost or forgotten passwords for files/documents created in the following Lotus applications (all versions): Organizer (*.OR?), 1-2-3 (*.WK1, *.WK3, *.WK4, *.123), WordPro (*.LWP), SmartMaster (templates: *.12M, *.MWP), Approach ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 213 Shareware ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.
Password Generator 2.0 2.1

Password Generator is a software program that generates random passwords. If you constantly have to think of new passwords, install this program. Password Generator runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, NT, Me. The program can generate as many passwords ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 625 Shareware ZQS Software Team
PST Password Recovery 1.0.1

Now it's no longer necessary to remember countless passwords for dozens of Outlook accounts and PST files. What is necessary for every user is PST Password Recovery. Install it, and forgotten passwords can be recovered in a snap. PST Password ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 114 Shareware Intelore
Password Recovery Engine for Excel 2.0

There are few things as important as security nowadays. Paperwork is gradually becoming archaic as more and more operations are performed electronically. Although data processing is growing increasingly efficient and beneficial, sometimes it ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 35 Shareware Bimesoft
FREE Password Manager 3.2.1

A FREE Password Manager and Generator with unlimited Category support, Copy / Paste, Go to Website, Password Generator with Strength Indicator, Encrypted Backup / Restore & more. If you use the Internet, you?re familiar with having many different ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 99 Freeware MSJsoftware
Password Keeper 2000 7.0

Password Keeper is a small utility useful for storing your frequently used passwords. Password information can be stored, edited and printed with this easy to use program. Each password file that you create can contain up to 1000 account entries. ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 17 Shareware Gregory Braun
abylon KEYSAFE 6.5

Banking, you email account and the windows logon are only some examples for using a password. Can you keep all passwords and access data in your mind? The abylon KEYSAFE is a simply password manager to manage all your secret data. You need only one ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 199 Shareware abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde
Password Safe and Sound 1.2.0

Password Safe and Sound allows you to store all your passwords and related information securely, in an encrypted file that only you can view using your defined password. It also allows you to launch websites, programs, or files associated with your ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 27 Shareware North Cardinal Software, LLC.
pwArch 1.6

pwArch is a password archive manager with a flexible password generator. It is handy, easy to use and free. Your password data is stored in an encrypted .zip file, so it is secure. Store your passwords with a user by site or description. ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 47 Freeware Clark Tisdale
Atomic ZIP Password Recovery 2.40

Atomic ZIP Password Recovery is designed to recover the lost or forgotten passwords for ZIP archives. The program can quickly restore the password in several ways: the direct search and the dictionary attack. The program has easy-to-work and ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 321 Shareware AtomPark Software
My Password Manager 2.1

My Password Manager is a new innovative password management software application that completely outperforms 50 or so of its rivals currently available on the Internet. First, the program encrypts all data with US Department of Defense approved ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 75 Shareware LastBit Software
SynchroPass 1.00

Most of Microsoft Windows operating systems give an opportunity for user to change domain password from his/her workstation, but only in case the workstation is a member of this domain. If the workstation can't join a domain (in particular, in case ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 14 Shareware Sergey Merzlikin
Password Organizer 2.1

In today's world, there are new user names and passwords needed at every turn. Web pages, email accounts, voice mail accounts, and database logins are just a few of the things that we access daily that require login information. And, there are ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 19 Shareware Markosoft Inc
EZ Password Secure 1.2

EZ Password Secure is a powerful tool to help you manage all your passwords and usernames, as well as the URLs and descriptions, in different groups. Further more, EZ Password Secure can store all other personal information, e.g. bank accounts. ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 12 Shareware SmartTools Software
Advanced Internet Explorer Password Recovery 1.20

Recover passwords to web sites saved in Microsoft Internet Explorer (in local password list), as well as AutoComplete strings (form fields). Can also reset Content Advisor Passwords. IE versions from 3 to 6 are ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 401 Shareware ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.
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