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Advanced Task Scheduler

Advanced Task Scheduler is a powerful task scheduler, which allows you to automate all your day-to-day tasks: start applications, batch files, shut down your system, establish network connections and much more. ... (for Windows)

2015-05-21 7 Shareware
PCMate Free Auto Shutdown 6.7.1

PCMate Free Auto Shutdown is free PC shutdown software for automatic PC shutdown, saving energy, time and electricity bills. It meets many needs with flexible options for scheduling automatic shutdown, restart, standby and hibernate. ... (for Windows)

2015-05-13 1 Free Trial PCMateFreeSystemCare Inc.
PCBooster Free Auto Clicker 7.4.2

It helps you record a click or a set of clicks to automatically perform later. It can captures the exact click points you performed and save them as script. The auto-clicking can be scheduled to stop. ... (for Windows)

2015-05-13 1 Free Trial PCBooster, Inc.
PCTuneUp Free Auto Clicker 4.3.6

PCTuneUp Free Auto Clicker will help you do that. It has ability to record and simulate left and right clicks at any area on screen and do the same clicks automatically. ... (for Windows)

2015-05-13 9 Free Trial PCTuneUp, Inc.
PCMate Free Auto Clicker 6.6.8

PCMate Free Auto Clicker - free mouse auto cliker software to automatically click mouse. If you click mouse frequently when playing game or working, this application can release your fingers and save time. ... (for Windows)

2015-05-13 1 Free Trial PCMateFreeSystemCare Inc.
Automize 11.01

Easy to use Automation software and task scheduler with scripting; Automate FTP, secure FTP, FTP daemon and monitor, web downloads through proxy or secured websites, check or send email, task chains; Run 1000+ tasks a day. ... (for Windows)

2015-04-23 6 Shareware Hitek Software LLC
Advanced Task Scheduler Professional

Advanced Task Scheduler Professional is a complete solution for automating and scheduling tasks by a wide variety of criteria. Both home and business users will find its great degree of versatility to be extremely powerful and invaluable. ... (for Windows)

2015-04-22 19 Shareware
RoboTask 6.4

RoboTask allows you to automate any combination of tasks on your computer, ranging from simply launching applications, to checking email, moving or backing up files to uploading/downloading, sending email and much more. ... (for Windows)

2015-04-18 85 Shareware NeoWise Software
PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown 7.4.2

PCBooster Free Auto Shutdown is a small and intelligent program to create schedule for PC shutdown. You can set a specific time to shutdown/restart/standby/hibernate your computer daily, monthly or on any designated date in a year. ... (for Windows)

2015-04-08 1 Free Trial PCBooster, Inc.
Free Auto Mouse 4.4.4

Free Auto Mouse is free mouse clicker software developed in order to help you click without pressing the mouse buttons. It can simulate left clicks & right clicks on any screen or window on your computer. ... (for Windows)

2015-03-31 10 Free Trial FreeAutoMouse Co., Ltd.
Testing Anywhere 9.3

Testing Anywhere is powerful, no-programming-required software that lets you record, edit, and run test cases-no matter how complex-in record time, enabling your team to focus on more thorough, comprehensive testing. ... (for Windows)

2015-03-22 14 Shareware Automation Anywhere, Inc.
Advanced Task Scheduler Network

Advanced Task Scheduler Network is a Client/Server task scheduler, which allows you to create scheduled tasks on the server and manage them from any computer on the net remotely. Client/Server architecture of this software in addition to all the capa ... (for Windows)

2015-03-03 17 Shareware
Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater

Adobe's Flash Player is the key to the internet's most used technology called Flash. Nowadays Flash can be considered one of the internet's basics. Therefore it has always been targeted by hackers, malware authors and so on. ... (for Windows)

2015-02-17 3 Freeware pXc-coding
Kaspersky Software Updater

Quick scan: Swift scan of your PC to check security critical software. Detailed report: Scan results with the list of latest updates needed to keep your PC secure. Easy update: Update your PC software in just one click. ... (for Windows)

2015-02-12 4 Freeware Kaspersky Lab
WinBatch 2015a

WinBatch automates PCs with simple scripting and pre-built sample solutions. It manipulates PCs including: Windows APIs, third party software, networking (MS and Novell), Internet communications (FTP, email, etc.), and SQL databases. ... (for Windows)

2015-01-25 73 Shareware Wilson WindowWare, Inc.
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