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JavaScript Chart Standard 1.6.1

Shield UI Chart is feature rich and facilitates the creation of visually impressive charts and sharp graphics. The Chart control has many built-in features, which cover many of the common data visualization scenarios. ... (for Handheld, Linux, Mac, Other, Windows)

2014-02-19 11 Shareware Shield UI Ltd
JS Auto Form Validator 3.3.2

The JS Auto Form Validator is an easy-to-setup form validation script which enables you to handle the whole form validation process without writing any JavaScript code. ... (for Windows)

2014-01-30 2 Shareware ApPHP - Advanced Power of PHP
Free jQuery Slide Maker 2.0

Free jQuery Slider Makers are more and more popular recently. Then Hi Slider is a brilliant Free jQuery Sliders Makers to make beautiful images and video jQuery SlideShow. ... (for Windows)

2013-12-18 1 Freeware Hi
Webix Combo 1

Javascript combobox control that runs smoothly on all modern browsers ... (for Linux, Mac, Other, Windows)

2013-12-09 2 Shareware XB Software
DHTMLX JavaPlanner 1.5

DHTMLX JavaPlanner is a rich Ajax-powered web control for Java. It allows creating full-featured attractive event and booking calendars, time planners, job schedulers and task managers in Java. ... (for Other)

2013-10-29 3 Freeware Dinamenta, UAB
Webix Form 1

A nice looking Webix Form helps you easily get important information from users. It consists of useful elements like input fields (namely text and text area widgets), select boxes, checkboxes, radiobuttons and approve/cancel buttons. ... (for Linux, Mac, Other, Windows)

2013-09-29 2 Shareware XB Software
Webix Accordion 1

Javascript widget that allows you to place multiple panels of content in a space-saving manner. With this widget, you can hide areas of information and activate them with one simple click. ... (for Linux, Mac, Windows)

2013-09-24 3 Shareware XB Software
Webix Datatable 1

JavaScript grid control built with an innovative approach and the latest web development trends in mind. It allows you to create lightweight, highly customizable scrollable datatables for your app. It is able to process large amounts of data quickly ... (for Linux, Mac, Other, Windows)

2013-09-23 2 Shareware XB Software
webix_calendar 1

JavaScript single-month calendar that allows you to select days, months, years and even current time.Due to the adding the Datepicker control into your web-site form the end user can pick a desired date promptly. ... (for Linux, Mac, Other, Windows)

2013-09-22 1 Shareware XB Software
Free Wordpress Image Slideshow Creator 2.0

Free WordPress Image Slideshow Creator is a wonderful application that you can create a stunning photo slideshow to your website, blog without writing any HTML5 or jQuery slideshow codes. It allows adding unlimited number of pictures. ... (for Windows)

2013-09-08 3 Freeware Hi
Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller 2.3

Create good-looking text, image scroller or both with no coding. Free templates & image library built-in. Support all main-stream browsers & iPad. Full customization. Work with DW, FP, EW and Golive as add-ons. Database-driven scrollers supported. ... (for Windows)

2013-06-24 16 Shareware SourceTec Software
CodeThatTable 3.1.1

CodeThatTable is an advanced JavaScript table that enables user to display in efficient and fancy way the massives of data from variety of sources including the CVS and database. ... (for Mac, Windows)

2013-05-26 6 Freeware CodeThat.Com
Magic Slideshow 1.1

Do you need a slideshow on your website? Want to display lots of images and awesome looking text? It's easy with Magic Slideshow! ... (for )

2013-05-21 3 Shareware Magic Toolbox
HTML5 Image Zoomer DW Extension 1.0.0

HTML5 Image Zoomer can be really useful for showing large images on your website with limited space. This is very useful if you have large images that will otherwise take up too much space. ... (for Mac, Windows)

2013-05-21 5 Demo
EJS TreeGrid 5.9

EJS TreeGrid is a DHTML component written in pure JavaScript to display and edit data in table, grid, tree view or grid with tree on HTML page. It is the fastest AJAX grid with the richest features set on the Internet. ... (for Linux, Mac, Windows)

2013-05-20 2 Shareware COQsoft
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