eServGlobal Launch of Revolutionary Social Networking Software

Company: eServGlobal Limited.
Published: 11 February, 2009
eServGlobal Limited, a worldwide supplier of independent and flexible telecommunications Value Added Services for Messaging and Charging solutions, today announces the launch of its revolutionary Social Relationship Manager (SRM) software that joins mobile telephone networks with popular internet social networking sites.

The new SRM software allows telco operators to launch a new kind of value added mobile service, one which provides incentives to their subscribers, who in return choose to share their personal profile information. Thus, the operator acquires a new type of business intelligence and uses its customers' social influence to retain the most valuable subscribers. Further, the operator enjoys reduced churn and has the opportunity to acquire its subscribers' friends through the application of suitable referral rewards - all managed inside the application. The service is compatible with most of the popular social networking sites.

Since the advent of 3G, the operator community has struggled to find the "killer application" for always-on devices. However, with more than 650 million subscribers to the top 10 social networking sites, end-users can now enjoy the benefit of mobile data services, by constantly checking or updating lightweight content, which perfectly suits both the mobile device and access networks.

Operators have recognised this trend and have reacted by offering cheap data bundles or customised handsets for social networking but, until now, have found no way to move up the value chain, by either offering dedicated content or compelling applications around the Social Networking domain. The eServGlobal SRM allows operators to participate in the social networking phenomenon, while maintaining their role as the underlying platform for communications.

Designed to be effective in markets approaching all-you-can-eat subscriptions or ultra-low cost per minute, this new service will help operators keep ARPU high by stimulating the user base to communicate frequently inside the operator domain.

Ian Buddery, Executive Chairman of eServGlobal, said: "The coming year is sure to be challenging for operators. They will have to balance the need to stimulate existing subscribers and increase market share, while at the same time reduce the "cost to serve" of Value Added Services. By offering the SRM as an adjunct module to an existing system, eServGlobal is able to provide a compelling business case for telecom operators who wish to attract new subscribers and increase revenue."

eServGlobal has worldwide patents pending for the SRM application, the business intelligence algorithms and the unique deployment options which are available.

eServGlobal will demonstrate the Social Relationship Manager at a launch attended by telecom operators from across the globe at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 16 to 19 February. Visit Stand 8A69 in Hall 8.