Exony Launches VIM 7 to Empower Agile Customer Management

Published: 24 June, 2008
Exony, the interaction management software provider, has launched its latest version of Virtualized Interaction Manager 7 (VIM 7), which helps organizations realize the raw power of their virtual contact centers to optimize operational cost and enterprise value against positive customer experience.

The virtual contact center (VCC) has unified global customer service organizations, and is often widely dispersed across home offices, offshore facilities and other operations centers. Facing this level of complexity, companies need to empower operations and management staff to effectively measure and manage the VCC in real-time across their span of responsibility.

Microsoft is the first organization to deploy Exony VIM 7 and has rolled it out across its entire OneCall global network-based customer contact platform. OneCall comprises multiple contact centers worldwide.

"Since its introduction in the first phase of the OneCall project, Exony VIM has consistently delivered powerful business results through its ease of use and powerful underlying technology," added Aaron Davis, Software Development Engineering Manager - IT Contact Center, Microsoft. "Given its initial success, we have expanded the technology across our entire OneCall architecture for real-time and historical reporting as well as service management. We have already achieved significant benefits in terms of enhanced customer service and business value."

VIM 7 is a new breed of analytics-led applications that empower all staff with tools to manage and collaborate effectively to optimize customer interaction. Using VIM 7's built-in behavioral analytics capabilities, users can quickly make decisions and implement real-time changes to VCC resource deployment and call treatment strategies, ensuring the best experience for every customer is balanced with enterprise value and operational cost to deliver.

"Virtualization is creating a renaissance in the call center industry," said Alan Hubbard, SVP, Customer Service & Support at the AberdeenGroup. "More and more companies are implementing this more effective and efficient alternative and, through analytics, experiencing the ability to much more closely manage and measure call center performance. The benefits are felt not only by these visionary companies but by the customers they are serving. According to our research, companies like Exony, that have a goal to put analytics on every desktop in the virtual call center, continue to set the pace for innovation in this industry."