Final Version of Maxthon Browser 2.5.2 Available Today

Company: Maxthon
Published: 04 July, 2009
Following the release of the Maxthon Browser 2.5.1 some time ago, Maxthon proudly announced the launch of the long awaited Maxthon 2.5.2. After a long preparation, the final and stable version of the new Maxthon web browser.

Updated Maxthon Browser Features

The final version of Maxthon Browser 2.5.2 supports online favorites with http protocol, making Maxthon Online Favorites more reliable than ever before. Maxthon has also enhanced the popular tabbed browsing feature and made Maxthon more stable. This final version focuses mainly on optimization of browser framework and performance. Not so much new features are added.

Some Bugs were fixed

Containing many fixes for stability bugs, Maxthon Dev team continues to optimize and fix the anti freeze frameworks. Problems relating to IME and embedded media players are fixed in this version. The support for IE toolbars is also re-enabled. A more comprehensive list of changes for developers can be found on the Maxthon Blog.

The Maxthon Dev team has been busy gearing up efforts to improve the beta versions and fixing BUGs. Maxthon 2.5.2 is now considered stable for daily browsing use and Maxthon welcomes any assistance in helping test and evaluate this final release.