Fluendo Launches the Long Awaited DVD Player for Linux, a Global Solution Built on GStreamer Multimedia Framework

Company: Fluendo S.A.
Published: 06 July, 2009
Fluendo is an established leading provider of multimedia plug-ins for the GNU/Linux Market, and has succeeded in offering end users and OEMs end-to-end solutions working with multiple formats.

After obtaining outstanding results with Fluendo codecs, customers expressed their desire for a new interface able to reproduce DVDs. For quite a long time, our clients have been waiting for a legal solution capable of integrating an application that profits from Fluendo audio and video codecs to reproduce DVDs", said Muriel Moscardini, Fluendo CSO. The market was missing this legal solution based upon the GStreamer framework. Fluendo DVD player provides end users with high quality standards, certified by Dolby Digital and DVD, including all patent licenses from MPEG LA and Dolby. We have worked hard to achieve our objective and we have succeeded: Fluendo DVD player is sold at the best price one could ever pay for this kind of product," she added.

Certainly, the final result of such a decision was translated into the most inexpensive solution available on the market: the launching retail price is $27,99. "The feedback from our beta testers has been excellent," concluded Muriel when she was asked about the performance of this new DVD player.

Fluendo DVD is much more than a great playback on your screen and high audio standards. Fluendo developers have managed to integrate a full support for DVD video, including menus, multiple angles and subtitles, among other remarkable features. Besides, Fluendo DVD player supports encrypted discs (CSS).

Fluendo will sell its DVD player directly to end users through its web shop, but also will have a version for corporate customers and OEM/ODM.