Intellectsoft Launches iPhone SDK 4.0 Application Development Services

Company: Intellectsoft Ltd
Published: 12 May, 2010
Intellectsoft Ltd, a quality leader in the mobile application development and mobile solutions market, announced the launch of iPhone SDK 4.0 Application Development services. Being a part of iPhone Developer Program as well as having a considerable expertise in mobile application development Intellectsoft starts working with the iPhone SDK 4 beta now to enlarge its experience in iPhone application development and enhance its products with new features and functionalities of the latest OS.

The new SDK kit provides a range of new features and tools to successfully implement them in developed products and solutions like multitasking, iAd, Game Center and about 1500 new APIs. The Phone OS 4 delivers 7 new multitasking services that allow apps to perform tasks in the background while preserving battery life and overall performance. Apple's new mobile advertising platform iAd provides developers with a splendid monetization tool which contributes to their embed iAd opportunities within apps. With the help of Game Center option our developers will create apps working with Apple's new social gaming network. More than 1500 APIs allow for various kinds of inner customizations previously available only through third party applications. Intellectsoft is ready to take advantage of a wealth of the described Apple tools and refinements and enhance the functionality of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps delivered by the company.

Apple has also provided its developers with several tools to facilitate the app building process itself, namely the new UIAutomation Instrument which automates the testing of an application by scripting touch events and the innovative Time Profiler and Energy Diagnostics Instruments to collect finely-grained performance data and track the power usage of an application. Intellectsoft will implement the mentioned tools in its development process to increase the overall app functionality, performance and quality and thus the ultimate customers' satisfaction.

Intellectsoft has gained a notable experience in iPhone Application Development, backed by providing a powerful and intuitive Graphical User Interface for the iPhone applications. The company's iPhone applications have been extremely well-received and successful at the iPhone market. Using the latest SDK kit will contribute to creating more refined customized apps of ultimate quality.