Introducing SeeFile 4.7 - The Ideal System to Manage and Deliver Your Media Files

Company: SeeFile Software
Published: 06 August, 2009
SeeFile Software, the leading developer of web server software for sharing media files, is pleased to announce SeeFile 4.7. This new version offers an elegant web interface, an easy to use media bank and a delivery system accessible from any standard web browser. New development included backend changes, making page loads and image processing faster, optimizing the layout, and adding functionality.

SeeFile 4.7 includes the following new features:

- Optimized and easier-to-use user interface
- Email notifications
- Complete log history per user and action
- Annotations on multi-page PDF files
- Full support for current web browsers: Firefox 3.5, Safari 4 and Internet Explorer 8

The system monitors shared folders and volumes, tracking any changes in the file structure. When a change occurs, SeeFile instantly updates its database and web interface to synchronize with the file structure. Also, while SeeFile is detecting changes it automatically renders previews and imports metadata. All of this means that SeeFile customers spend less time uploading files (since there is no uploading required) and less time getting files approved.

A different approach to digital asset management and delivery

Currently available Digital Asset Management systems force users to change their workflow, adding more costs in training and in creating an optimized database. SeeFile offers a solution focused on small and midsize companies. Installing SeeFile takes only minutes, and the solution works like a FTP server (allowing creation of users with home folders) that will fit into nearly any workflow. The system offers all the standard tools available on digital asset management/delivery software. An administrator can create data fields that can be used to tag documents, all the fields, including the imported EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata, are searchable. To respond to greater expectations from a Web 2.0 application, SeeFile offers collaboration features including annotations on selected areas of images and PDFs, and online approval. With SeeFile, companies involved with photography, print, video, brand management and advertising can archive their media files and manage several projects with their customers for a fraction of the price of other solutions.