New Amerilert 3.0 Unifies Disparate Emergency Alerting Systems Into One View

Company: Omnilert
Published: 30 April, 2009
Omnilert(R), LLC, maker of Amerilert(R), the leading unified emergency notification system for mid-sized corporations, non-profits and government clients, today announced the release of Amerilert version 3.0. The new version unifies disparate emergency alerting systems and other communication assets into one management console for improved crisis communications and business continuity. Amerilert now complies with the OASIS Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) version 1.1, the industry standard for exchanging emergency information between other CAP-compliant devices and services. Version 3.0 also operates on a new advanced architecture that has now become the industry benchmark for speed, reliability and scalability.

Amerilert 3.0 solves the challenge organizations face today -- how to utilize all available onsite and offsite communication channels during an emergency or crisis. Organizations that utilize separate communication technologies find themselves with many challenges, because each technology has its own console, operators, procedures, politics, and contact data sets. This complexity is an obstacle to coordinate a timely emergency response.

There are Network Alerting Systems (NAS) consisting of intrusive pop-up desktop alerts and more passive email, RSS and web page postings. There are also Telephone Alerting Systems (TAS) including automated phone calling software and text messaging to cell phones and pagers. Finally, there are Public Address Systems (PA) encompassing internal PA systems, outdoor loudspeakers, giant voice, fire alarms, security systems, digital signage and TV.

The new Amerilert 3.0 combines the NAS, TAS, and PA Systems, plus social media sites and other assets into one easy-to-use interface. This simplicity achieves an enormous savings in time, money, manpower, and risk. It leverages existing assets, simplifies alert activation, guarantees message consistency, consolidates recipient feedback, and ensures maximum exposure to the alert in a timely fashion.

Amerilert 3.0 is faster and more reliable than any other system on the market today. Amerilert 3.0 runs on a nationwide network of highly redundant, geo-dispersed, Tier-1 data centers, as well as multiple SMS, voice, email, and other third party services. The new advanced architecture has performed with 99.999% uptime for the past 12 months.

Nick Gustavsson, Chief Technology Officer at Omnilert, LLC explains, "The new 3.0 ecosystem of services and vendors is a game changer for the entire market. With over 70 domestic mobile carriers and over 60 partner products supporting Amerilert, the system is far more powerful than anything that has preceded it."