Open Text Launches Full Service Offering to Enable Enterprise-wide Deployment of Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Company: Open Text Corporation
Published: 31 August, 2010
Open Text Corporation, the preeminent provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software, today announced the availability of a complete set of products and services intended to help enterprise information technology (IT) groups centrally manage large numbers of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 sites from creation through archiving. The consulting services will be led by Burntsand which joins Open Text after a recent acquisition. Burntsand brings experienced consultants who focus on SharePoint 2010 and ECM implementations.

Many organizations deploy SharePoint 2010 in a decentralized, departmental manner to meet end-user requirements, but often do not take into consideration the broader information governance goals of the corporation. Users may be quick to create and populate project sites with content, but as projects end and users move on, information often languishes in legacy sites, essentially unmanaged, contributing to infrastructure burden and opening the door to potential legal cost and risk.

Using the recently released SharePoint 2010 version of Open Text Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Open Text Case Management Framework for SharePoint 2010, Open Text services can help IT departments deploy the infrastructure needed to take control over unmanaged SharePoint 2010 deployments. Moreover, it can help accelerate the rollout of critical projects by giving users simple tools to create and deploy SharePoint 2010 sites and applications in accordance with corporate governance policies and manage the entire lifecycle of SharePoint 2010 sites.

"The productivity and collaboration tools in SharePoint 2007 and now SharePoint 2010 have proven popular with end users, leading to faster adoption than many IT organizations are equipped to handle," said Lubor Ptacek, Vice President of Product Marketing for Open Text. "By combining the Open Text ECM Suite with SharePoint 2010 deployment expertise, we are in a position to help IT regain control over content in SharePoint 2010 sites, improve efficiency and put in place comprehensive governance, risk management and compliance solutions not only for the content in SharePoint 2010 sites, but for content across the enterprise."

Strengthened by the Burntsand acquisition, Open Text delivers strategic design, technology architecture and application development through proven time-to-value methodology, which mitigates risk and speeds process improvements and returns. It also offers extensive experience developing and deploying SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 both at the workgroup level and across organizations.

Open Text CLM Now Available for SharePoint 2010

An enterprise solution that enables organizations to leverage the SharePoint 2010 interface and capture content so that it can be centrally managed in accordance with regulatory and business requirements, Open Text Content Lifecycle Management is now available for SharePoint 2010. It allows for the development of comprehensive content solutions that assist litigation readiness, supporting the e-discovery process, while at the same time helping to reduce the overall cost of ownership. Users can work in SharePoint 2010 seamlessly with content from across an organization's enterprise applications. It also provides enterprise archiving, retention and records management functionality.