OriginLab to Release Origin 8.5.1 and OriginPro 8.5.1

Company: OriginLab Corporation
Published: 28 April, 2011
OriginLab Corporation today announced the release of Origin 8.5.1 and OriginPro 8.5.1. With a version number usually indicative of an incremental improvement, this new version promises to surprise users not only with its numerous improvements and enhancements, but also with its new analysis features often found only in major updates.

Leading the Origin 8.5.1 feature list are two new data analysis Gadgets, and a versatile tool to easily reconstruct a graph from a scanned image.

Originally introduced in Origin 8.5, Gadgets provide an intuitive interface for performing dynamic data analysis on a selected region of data. Two new Gadgets were developed for Origin 8.5.1 in response to customer needs, namely Cluster Gadget and Quick Peaks Gadget.

"Our users have asked for easier ways to perform their routine analysis tasks. We recognize that users will often need a quick way to either perform descriptive statistics or need to mask, clear or delete extraneous data on a certain region of data. There is no better way to do this than to simply highlight the range graphically with either a rectangular or circular shaped ROI indicator and then click a button. This is what the Cluster Gadget now offers," says OriginLab founder Dr. C. P. Yang.

The Quick Peaks Gadget allows the user to define and subtract a baseline from spectra, and identify peak locations within a region of interest. Support is provided to output over 15 peak parameters, including peak location in x/y, area, and centroid. A "Fit Peaks" context menu available in OriginPro further allows users to fit the identified peaks by selecting from over 20 built-in peak functions, or a user-defined peak function.

Once a popular downloadable tool on the OriginLab website, the Digitizer has been revamped and integrated into Origin as a floating dialog-based tool. With this do-it-yourself graph reconstruction tool, the user can import a scanned image of a graph, and then manually create representative datasets from the image. With this tool, users can quickly check their research against published results.

OriginPro adopts all new Origin features and adds new ability to fit multiple peaks to surface data using Origin's powerful NLFit dialog. Peaks can be detected using one of many methods, and users can select from many built-in 2D peak functions to fit their data. The fitting process can be further controlled by sharing parameters and/or setting bounds and constraints.

Significant improvements in Origin 8.5.1 span all major areas of the software including gadgets and tools, the worksheet, importing and exporting, graphing, and data analysis.

The improvements are categorized as follows:

Gadgets and Tools:

* New Quick Peaks Gadget for Baseline Correction, Peak Finding, and Peak Fitting (Pro Only)
* New Cluster Gadget for Easy Statistics, and Manipulation of Data
* New Digitizer Tool to Reconstruct Graph from Scanned Image
* Improved Statistics Gadget


* New Dialog to Easily Locate and Add Datasets to a Graph
* More Color Palettes, and Toolbar Button to Apply Palettes to Data Plot
* Axis Tick Label Locations using Arbitrary Dataset
* New Plot Types of Line and Filled Area for Error Bars
* Improvements to Box Chart and Histogram Plots
* Improvements to Masking and Selecting Data
* Improvements to Saving and Applying Incremental Themes for Graph Properties

Analysis & Statistics:

* Surface Fitting with Multiple Peaks (Pro Only)
* Improved Multiple Peak Fit Tool
* Improvements to NLFit Dialog
* Improvements to Frequency Count Tool

Import & Export:

* SQL Editor for Database Import
* Graph Export Improvements
* Data Import Improvements


* Excel-like Worksheet Split and Scroll using Dividers
* Improved Context Menu on Column Label Rows
* Improvements to Tools for Stacking and Un-stacking Columns
* Pivot Table Dialog Improvements
* Improvements to LabTalk Access for Setting Column Values