Seavus Group Proudly Announces New Release of Seavus Project Planner v 1.3

Company: Seavus Group
Published: 27 April, 2010
In order to motivate teams to collaborate and achieve superior results, Seavus Group is announcing the launch of the new version 1.3 of Seavus Project Planner. The new version offers Google Apps Integration that empowers the project managers to continuously collaborate with project's stakeholders. Namely, project managers are able to collaborate and share project plans created in Seavus Project Planner and store those on Google Apps which can be accessed and updated by all stakeholders.

Having in mind how complicated it can be to track multiple projects and resources allocated on various projects, Seavus Project Planner introduced the feature called Master Project and Resource Allocation. The Master Project feature provides project managers with an opportunity to create central (master) project which links all individual projects. Additionally, the master project shows how resources are allocated through all individual projects, empowering the project managers to optimize resource allocation.

Moreover, Seavus Project Planner now has open API (Application Programming Interface) allowing organizations to integrate Seavus Project Planner with other systems such as invoicing and HR systems in order to complete the data flow.

In addition to these new features, Seavus Project Planner also has other great improvements, to make the tool more appealing to your needs.