The Omnia Group Selects JustEnough Software

Company: JustEnough
Published: 01 August, 2011
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--- JustEnough Software Corporation, a leading provider of demand management solutions for retailers, suppliers and brand owners worldwide, today announced that the Omnia Group selected its Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting solutions.

The JustEnough technology will support Omnia’s initiative of rolling out an integrated business planning process across all of its business divisions. Omnia is a diversified, specialized chemical services provider with business interests that are balanced across chemical, mining and agricultural markets. The Group's model, which leverages its intellectual capital and technology, differentiates it from commodity chemical companies and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Omnia Holdings serves as the holding company for Protea Chemicals, Bulk Mining Explosives and Omnia Fertilizer. The company also has a significant footprint in chemical, mining and agricultural markets throughout surrounding African nations.

Omnia selected the JustEnough Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting solutions over other offerings for their proven ability to meet all of the supplier’s business objectives.

"After a thorough assessment of demand and supply planning solutions in the market, we selected JustEnough," said Manuel Reis, Omnia's group supply chain planning lead. "The JustEnough solutions have the functionality and ease-of-use we are looking for. The seamless integration between demand and supply in one system and the exception-based approach to manage plans using alerts and dashboards will help our planners meet our customer-service and inventory-level targets. It is not just a demand forecasting and replenishment solution; we are expecting to manage our plans with it daily. JustEnough provided us with the best value proposition for delivering on our supply chain planning needs."

Malcolm Buxton, JustEnough’s president and chief executive officer, added, “Designed for suppliers like Omnia, our solutions bring flexibility, accuracy and automation to the sales forecasting and demand planning processes. Omnia will be able to better forecast sales and demand, set performance goals and analyze trends – all of which are critical to deploying a successful, company-wide integrated business planning process. We look forward to supporting Omnia with its business objectives now and in the future.”

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About JustEnough

Founded in 1994, JustEnough is a global leader in Demand Management solutions. JustEnough services more than 500 of the world’s leading brands including Allocation and Replenishment of inventory at Kenneth Cole, Merchandise and Assortment Planning at Levi Strauss, Sales Forecasting at Kraft Foods, Inventory Planning for IDS Group (Li & Fung) and Nissan, and Mobile Sales Force Automation at SAB Miller, Cadbury and Heineken.

About Omnia

Omnia Group is a diversified, specialist chemical services provider listed as Omnia Holdings Ltd (OMN) on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, with business interests balanced across chemical, mining and agricultural markets. The Group’s business model, which leverages its intellectual capital and technology, differentiates it from commodity chemical companies.

The Group’s three businesses (chemical, mining and agriculture) continue to provide high value, customised solutions built on a continually expanding knowledge base. Omnia’s unique business model places it at the forefront of the chemical services industry and involves matching customer needs to product innovation and application expertise to add extraordinary value to its customers businesses.

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