VIDITalk Launches VIDI Presenter for Microsoft PowerPoint

Published: 26 June, 2008
VIDITalk Corporation, a leading provider of video applications for corporate and government markets, announced today that it is launching VIDI Presenter, a new video tool for adding video narration to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and digital images. The VIDI Presenter enables users to record new, or use pre-recorded video clips for display alongside PowerPoint slides.

"The VIDI Presenter enables presentation creators to use personal video narration to increase the impact of the presentation and retention of the subject matter," said VIDITalk's CEO Paul Braun. "With VIDI Presenter, creators can track the number of views, and send their presentations as a link, overcoming the need for sending large files."

American Kiosk Management's President, Linda Johansen-James said, "With over 500 retail locations throughout North America, communicating and training my staff is of paramount importance, and the VIDI Presenter allows me to create my own videos and narrate PowerPoint slides for the most effective long distance training possible. Webinars are so hard to arrange with time zones and busy schedules, but now, I record when it is convenient for me, and my staff watches the updates when it is convenient for them."

The VIDI Presenter is offered as part of VIDI Communicator, a system that enables users to create, manage and distribute video via email and on websites. VIDI Presenter can leverage content created in VIDI Communicator and display the presentations in a custom playback screen or in one of many included backgrounds. The video segments and slides are synched together, transitioning automatically.

Leonard Atlas from VIDITalk stated, "VIDI Presenter is ideal for sharing marketing, training and financial information as viewers can see and hear the video narration while following the presentation slides and images. Millions of Microsoft PowerPoint users now have a fast and easy way to add a video narrative and stream their presentations to a global audience."