Visual Software Systems, Ltd. Launches VisualBee SaaS to Automatically Visually Enhance PowerPoint Presentations

Company: Visual Software Systems, Ltd.
Published: 13 June, 2011
TEL-AVIV, Israel -- Visual Software Systems, Ltd. (, developers of design automation software, announces today the launch of VisualBee, a plug-in solution that visually enhances PowerPoint™ presentations. VisualBee designs presentations that will effectively communicate, engage, and connect a targeted audience.

Microsoft reports that there are an estimated 400 million Office PowerPoint™ users around the world and 30 million presentations performed every day. The majority of PowerPoint™ users do not have the skills or time to create a visually appealing presentation that will better connect to an audience. VisualBee offers an efficient and cost-effective solution that can transform an ordinary PowerPoint presentation into an award-winning demonstration.

The VisualBee solution employs a highly sophisticated algorithm to perform text and slide object analysis to enhance each slide in a PowerPoint™ presentation and create a professionally designed template. VisualBee’s algorithm matches user-generated content and incorporates design and graphics to match the business objectives of the presentation. VisualBee sources its design engine via the company’s gallery of tens of thousands of proprietary images and graphic designs.

“Today, almost every company uses PowerPoint™ presentations to communicate important messages to key industry players,” says Motti Nisani, Chief Executive Officer of Visual Software Systems. “The look and feel of the presentation is the first impression a company makes on its’ audience. We developed VisualBee so that anyone, regardless of their level of technical or artistic talent, could create a presentation that will make a lasting impression and reflect the highest professional standards.”

In addition, VisualBee allows users to share the presentation on social networking sites directly from the PowerPoint™ ribbon. The software is free as a download from the company’s website to anyone. More advanced features for premium customers include branding an enhanced presentation with a company logo, and access to a large library of professional designs and thousands of premium images and templates.

For one customer, Shakeel Mughal, CEO of Tricolom, an offset management firm based in the UK, VisualBee has been “a simple to use and a quick way to produce high quality PowerPoint presentations which are both impressive and hold the attention of the audience.”

Currently over 200,000 slides have been created via VisualBee for users servicing industries such as healthcare, finance, accounting, sales & marketing, and law, etc. The software allows users to focus efforts on developing the messages in the presentation rather than spending time on the creative design aspect.

About Visual Software Systems, Ltd.

Visual Software Systems, Ltd. develops design automation software for business and consumer use. VisualBee, the company’s flagship product visually enhances PowerPoint™ presentations so that users can focus on developing their messages rather than the design aspect of creating a presentation. For more information, please visit