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Fresh Flash Catalog
Fresh Catalog is an digital publishing software. Create digital Brochures or eBrochures, eBooks, multi media presentations, photo album sand eCards,create quizzes, exams, tests, forms, and surveys. Full Flash support. Export and import Flash swf.
Selteco Alligator Flash Designer
Animate images, texts or shapes and add sounds to the Flash movie. Use more than 130 predefined animation effects like Fade, Zoom, Rotate. Import GIF, JPEG and SWF files. Preview animation in a built-in browser. Export HTML code with Flash animation.
Swift Optimizer 3.0
Swift Optimizer is the most powerful tool to compress flash movies in windows system. It can compress flash movie up to 70%. It will highly increase both site traffic and profits.

3D Stack AS 2.0 1.0

3D Stack AS 2.0 1.0
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(512k): < 1 sec
(1Mb): < 1 sec
(2Mb): < 1 sec
(5Mb): < 1 sec
(10Mb): < 1 sec

The 3D Stack can be easily used to display groups of images, movie clips, SWFs with perspective, depth, fading and much more!

* Camera proximity and vanishing point customizable fading for objects
* Easy to understand use of cameras
* Camera keybord controls for movements and rotations through the 3D scene objects with custom animation characteristics
* Move and rotate the cameras and objects using ActionScript functions and built in easing and easing duration
* Mouse wheel with custom speed support
* Include any stage/library symbol or external swf/image in the 3D scene
* Dynamic control the camera and objects through easy to use ActionScript API

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LuxFolio Stereoscopic Portfolio 2.0.1 -  LuxFolio turns your iPad into a customized portfolio for presenting stereoscopic (and standard) imagery. Great app! by Compguy2012 - Version 2.0.0 - Jul 26, 2012This is an outstanding app. I have a laptop with a 3D processor, a Fuji 3D camera, a ... ... (2/0) download
StorySkeleton 2.0.2 -  WARNING: There is a known issue in the current version (2.0.1) where some users are losing work. I'm working as fast as possible to fix this problem. In the mean time, please be sure to back up your work frequently.Ideas strike wherever you are. ... ... (2/0) download
Sharks, Terrors of the Deep 2.0 -  Sharks, Terrors of the Deep 2.0 is the second product released by Prolific Publishing, Inc. in the new LifeGlobe product line. Building upon and improving the technology first demonstrated in Marine Aquarium, Sharks, Terrors of the Deep demonstrates ... (106/0) download
Easy Criteria for JPA 2.0 3.0.0 Beta -  Easy Criteria for JPA 2.0 is developed as a framework that lets you write metadata based, type-safe, readable, debugable, and maintainable queries in an Object Oriented way. No prior knowledge of SQL or JPA required. ... (8/0) download
FaceMixer 2.0 -  Featured by Apple as a Staff Favorite! Take photos of your friends and combine their faces in ridiculous ways. Put Lisa's lips below Jerry's monobrow (sorry Jerry), then save it to your gallery so you can email to everyone you know.Version 2.0 is ... ... (8/0) download
RoomTouch 2.0.1 -  With RoomTouch 2.0.1, you can now control your audiovisual system with your iPhone as well as your iPad! RoomTouch provides a simple, intuitive control interface for SP Controls' Networked Room Controller (PX2-NRC-1142, required). Your iPad or ... ... (3/0) download
FreeConference Mobile 2.0 -  FreeConference Mobile 2.0 gives you all the tools youll need to keep your communications organized and efficient. As an Organizer you can schedule, share, conduct, record and view conferences on your mobile phone. Your account ... ... (1/0) download
Nightclub Mayhem 2.0.3 -  For the party animals, the night has just begun! Join Brooke in her exciting, globe-trotting career as a nightclub manager in this addictive and fun-filled time-management game now better than ever in version 2.0! Enjoy two new exotic clubs, ... ... (1/0) download