4Kingdoms 1

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Action of game occur in a far middle ages in epoch of the kings.... There will be no words to describe this game just download it and see 4Kingdoms your own eyes The epoch of the kings a middle ages what can be more beautiful than that atmosphere that reigned in those times, noble knights beautiful castles. In our game we have tried to create an atmosphere of those times. The sense of game consists of: 1. You should be faster than your opponents and lead around a field all your brave knights 2. And to make them in a vertical or horizontal line next to your castle It not easily to win, you should battle to the contenders, meeting on your way, from other Kingdoms. You can hide the knights in towers that are situated near each castle, if certainly you stand next to them. Can jump through the small river if you stand on a stone and you has dropped out one or three. Besides you can revive the killed heroes, if six have dropped out simply clicking on a cemetery which is near to the castle. If two identical numbers you have dropped out you can make an additional turn. If you have killed the knight from another Kingdom or have jumped through the river also entitles to an additional turn. To get out knight from the castle it is necessary that six have dropped out and simply click on castle. 4Kingdoms has multyplayer game support, so you can play this game with your friends, it would be very interesting. P.S.: the graphics is not so cool as we wanted it to be ... Just play one hour and you will be able to understand that this game is not so bad as it seemed to you before...