ABC 3D Technical drawing 010

ABC 3D Technical drawing 010
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Computer draw the 3D wire construction. You restore the initial picture at 2D projections. This puzzle develop your 3D imagination and visual memory.

Technical drawing is vital ability for the inception, development and communication of ideas related to technology, industry and scientific development. Technical drawing is an important form of communication.

Technical drawing is an integral part of Technology Education and will be used throughout the course as part of the design process. Students will develop drafting skills that will enable them to draw multi-view orthographic drawings. Computer professionals design, illustrate, animate and edit complex graphics and visualizations. Computer Graphics professionals with specialized design, technical drawing, 3D animation. 3D Visualization.

The purpose of this game is to give the students an introduction to teach of the general technology areas of study offered in grades 8 through 12 at Fairfield Public Schools. The game also focuses on lateral thinking skills and incorporates systematic problem solving to reach set objectives.

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