AGrcon 1.0

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AGrcon is a remote control (or rcon) application developed for easy control of Call of Duty servers. This program is an evolution of ModernRcon, that was just designed for CoD: Modern Warfare. However, AGrcon includes support for both Modern Warfare and World at War. Normally, if you wish to execute a rcon command you would have to enter it in the command console of the game, writing the command and its parameters manually. With AGrcon you have a very nice, Java-based interface, with which you only need to click and select a rcon command to be executed. AGrcon allows you to set different levels of permissions, so fewer members of a server can have limited rcon commands. Also there is an in-built chat that displays the server's chat and actions in real time, allowing the administrator to communicate with the server without the need of opening up the game. There are times when the application cannot communicate properly with a server, however, this happens seldom. If you do manage Modern Warfare or World at War server, then AGrcon is quite definitely the best remote control application for the job.