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GENOM 2005 3.31
Feature rich and user friendly application for analysing array-experiments (e.g. from provider Affymetrix). It includes additional gene information, multiple analysis methods, automatic pathway mapping with an editor, function prediction...
VisProt3DS 3.03
In the age of Molecular Biology you have a chance to analyze Proteins in 3D STEREO mode on your computer, which you have just now. VisProt3DS can show Proteins and DNA, using the cheapest Anaglyph stereo mode, which can work on any usual computer.
Quick Timer R8X
High resolution programmable timer software to control 8-channel relay boards.

Air and Exhaust Gas Properties v1.2

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Air and Exhaust Gas Properties calculatess the properties of air/exhaust gases within a wide range of pressure and temperatures. It may be used for analyzing a number of energy conversion units used in power plants and HVAC, such as gas turbines, compressors, boilers and heat exchangers.The results of the program can be transferred to other Windows applications (such as spreadsheets) for further calculation. You may choose the desired units for different input or output data

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