Ancient History Trivia Quiz 1.0

Ancient History Trivia Quiz 1.0

Quizicals presents Ancient History Trivia Quiz, with 250 multiple choice questions, including 50 bonus general knowledge questions. Ancient History Trivia Quiz features 9 different game modes, in both single and multiplayer for you to play and enjoy.

- Quiz Master
- Race Against Time
- Guess the Question
- Battleships
- 2-Player Head to Head
- 2-Player Time Challenge
- 2-Player Game Show
- 2-Player Battleships
- 2-Player Hex

All Quizicals' games have been professionally developed, with high quality graphics, exciting sound effects and smooth gameplay. You know you're getting quality when you choose Quizicals.

- 2-Player by BlueTooth or taking turns
- High Scores
- Multiple question packs available in-app

- Beat the Clock game mode
- Internet multiplayer game modes
- Implementation of user suggestions

More than any other quiz game. Only Quizicals provides you with so many additional features and mini-games to give you the value you're looking for.

Ancient History Trivia Quiz is one of the many quizzes available in Quizicals' History category. Our quizzes are fun, interesting and educational.

2-Player by BlueTooth is not supported on the original iPhone or the first-generation iPod Touch.

Quizicals is not affiliated with any company, individual or organization mentioned in the quiz names or questions.

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