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DataNumen Office Repair 2.8
DataNumen Office Repair(DOFR) is a Microsoft Office data recovery suite. It includes recovery tools for corrupt or damaged MS Access databases, MS Excel worksheets, MS Word documents, MS Outlook data files, and MS Outlook Express dbx and mbx files.
Volunteer Suite Ultra (IT)
Volunteer Suite Ultra is the latest generation for managing assets, locations, contacts, events, contributions and volunteer information on a limited budget. It bundling InTrek Ultra and MVP together.
Advanced ID Creator Enterprise 10.5.276
Create and print professional ID cards and badges instantly! Advanced ID Creator allows you to create great looking id cards. Use the wide variety of tools to add text, graphics, shapes, barcodes, shadows and other effects to your design.

As-Easy-As (32-bit) v1.60

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As-Easy-As (32-bit) is a powerful spreadsheet program. Over 130 functions are included, covering math, finance, science, statistics, and date, time and string manipulation. You can create graphs, perform goal seeking, create user-defined functions, perform regression analysis, solve linear equations, analyze matrices, and more.Other features include: text search and replace, a macro language, dynamic file linking, and print preview.

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WriteExpress Easy Letters (32-bit) v2.1 -  WriteExpress Easy Letters (32-bit) provides tips, steps, and samples to help you write effective business letters. ... (67/0) download
Let It Slide - Free Word Game 1.0 -  Slide the letter tiles to make the rows into words. There is a bit of a twist - the tiles wrap around as you slide them. It isn't as easy as it looks, and requires planning to solve.Tiles can be locked in place to stop them moving, but you will ... ... (3/0) download
Grid Drawing for Kids Lite 1.2 -  With a sheet of paper, a grid and a template, your children will be able to draw 32 drawings on iPad, 16 on the iPhone in the Lite version, more than 120 (60 on iPhone) in the full version.Copying a drawing is not as easy as you think, it takes a ... ... (12/0) download
ZipMagic 2000 v3.55 -  ZipMagic 2000 integrates with the Windows file system to make working with ZIP files as easy as working with files and folders. ZIP files appear in your system as specially marked folders. ... (86/0) download
Easy Lists 1.2 -  Tired of overcomplicated to-do apps? Still using Notes to keep track of things you need to do? Me too.That's why I created Easy Lists, an intentionally simple to-do app that makes it as easy as possible to organize your tasks and keep track of ... ... (1/0) download
Chordtunes - Chord Sheet Creator 1.01 -  Chordtunes is an iPad app for creating chord sheets for guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. You can think of Chordtunes as a text editor for creating chord sheets. Entering chords is as easy as typing. There is no need to decide which instrument to ... ... (2/0) download
Barcode VCL Component -  Include Barcode ,DBBarcode, QRBarcode and QRDBarcode, Create, view and print barcodes for your applications as easy as typing the code. Simply enter the desired characters and select the type. The barcode will be created! the Quick Rreport is ... (64/0) download
ZLock Pro 1.0 -  Professional data encryption as easy as 1,2,3 ZLock Pro is the standlone arichval version of ZCureIT's encryption technology.ZLock Pro supports multiple files and/or directories with built-in compression. ... (37/0) download
Pop-up Excel Calendar 1.0.1 -  Working with dates in Excel is not as easy as it sounds. Should you enter dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy? Do you enter slashes or dashes or dots? Pop-up Excel Calendar solves all the headaches by adding a pop-up calendar to your Excel. ... (107/0) download
CD to WAV/MP3 Ripper 1.7 -  Extracting digital audio from CDs has never been as easy as with CD to WAV/MP3 Ripper. You can rip CDs to WAV so you can burn custom CDs or on-the-fly to MP3 with the option for 14 different bitrates. This program is freeware. ... (15/0) download