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Ashush v.2.0.0

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This is a fishing card game from the Middle East. Ashush is the way they play Basra in Lebanon. The game is for two or four players. Four play in teams of two against two, partners sitting opposite. A standard international 52 card pack is used. The dealer deals 6 cards to each player. A numeral card can capture an equal card or a set of cards that add up to its rank, or both\; a jack captures everything on the table\; a queen can only capture queens and a king can only capture kings\; the 7 of diamonds has no special power. Here, a basra occurs only when a single card is left alone on the table - either because all the other cards were captured, or because the tablewas cleared (perhaps with a jack), forcing the next player to play a single card. You may play in a two player game or in a four player game. You may also select between two card decks.