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FollowMovie 2.0.0
FollowMovie is a shareware to improve your foreign language with movies. With it, you can create learning material with DVD-Video; set difficulty level to each dialogue; and export mp3 file, you can learn any place any time.
Translation Pad 1.95
Translation Pad is a simple machine language translation software. Translation Pad converts text from english to german, french, spanish, italian and portuguese and vice versa.
ProLingo English Chinese, Chinese English Talking Dictionary 1.2.15
ProLingo English to Chinese talking dictionary for Windows OS

Aurinko - French Language 1.0

Aurinko - French Language 1.0

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French Language Learning Application Puts You in Control!

The Aurinko Language Application is a great tool for teaching and learning foreign languages. It is a full-featured standalone application that enables any user to create unlimited databases with or without audio recordings in any language. Aurinko's application is a multilingual version and supports usage in any language.

User Data Entry

Users can interact with the program to practice written language skills or create an entire database of any words or phrases in any language. Databases contain both native and foreign language records with optional fields for additional descriptions, phonetic spellings or definitions - anything a user can imagine!

Full Audio Support

Over 17 hours of audio recordings in each language are provided for use within the program and can also be burned to CD or loaded on an MP3 player. Native and foreign language database lessons are provided by native speakers - male and female! Users can also create their own recordings for further practice or create entire databases with up to 5 audio recordings for each record.

Customizable Databases and Self-Tests

Users can select individual lessons or groups of words and phrases by category (vocabulary, phrases, etc.) to maximize their study time. Self-test options include user-selected time limits for display of questions and/or time limits for a response. Tests can be customized to include a defined number of questions and, when each question is successfully answered, a new question will replace it. No time spent repeating questions that have been successfully answered!

Users can also set self-testing functions that remove questions that have been answered incorrectly. Those questions can be selected for additional practice before another testing session. Settings also allow Aurinko to function as a "listening lab" experience with no response required!

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