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MDB2SQL Enterprise 2.2.85
MDB2SQL automates Microsoft SQL Server support for Microsoft Access-based applications without the need to rewrite your existing code.
SmartVizor Variable Data Batch Publishing Software
SmartVizor is a stand-alone,powerful and extremely easy to use variable-data-printing application. It is one of the least expensive full-featured variable-data-printing solutions which available in today.
TextPipe Pro 10.6
Powerful text-processing workbench combining 300+ conversion, transformation, extraction and report mining operations on UNLIMITED text or binary files of UNLIMITED size. Text mine / extract data from mainframe EBCDIC COBOL copybooks, data historian

Auto-Inserts v1.11.21

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Auto-Inserts creates insert scripts from any Microsoft SQL Server database that can be archived, e-mailed, checked into source control, or run against another database. Auto-Inserts features the ability to: handle identity fields to either increment, or copy the exact values\; auto sequence tables based on system table reference data, allowing data to be removed and then inserted again in reverse order to allow processing of inserted scripts even while referential integrity is still being enforced\; add custom comments to a SQL file as each table is processed\; print statements to be added to the SQL script\; delete all records from each table prior to processing inserts\; and save or retrieve table order profiles for each database.

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