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ExtraMAME 12.3
A small MS Windows compatible game GUI wrapper for MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator authored by Nicola Salmoria and the MAME team. MAME let's you play thousands of old-school arcade games on your computer.
Deluxe PocMon PC 1.13
Arcade fun for the whole family. Navigate the mazes, eat the dots and gobble the power pills to eat those ghosts! Pick up bonuses along the way and try to find some of the games secrets. This game is made with 3 goals in mind. Fun, fun, fun!
Warblade PC 1.33
Warblade is a PC arcade shoot'em up game with focus on very good playability. The game is a remake for the PC of my Amiga game Deluxe Galaga. Was one of Adrenaline Vaults top shareware games! The game requires DirectX 8.1 or later.

B.U.G.S. 98 v1.56

Download: Download Site 1
(512k): 16 s
(1Mb): 08 s
(2Mb): 04 s
(5Mb): 02 s
(10Mb): < 1 sec

B.U.G.S. 98 is a relatively straightforward game of saving the galaxy from alien creatures. You fly a lone starship and try to destroy these invaders one by one. The Galaga-like gameplay changes from level to level as new bugs are introduced as the game progresses.

AshSofDev PacMan matched in SoftList
JUNO-G Editor 1.0 -  This is an applications that lets you edit the JUNO-G's parameters, and manage the parameter data as libraries from your computer. ... (2/0) download
DCDT+ 2.3.4 -  DCDT+Oao is a WindowsT« program for analysis of sedimentation velocity (SV) data that implements the dc/dt method originally developed by Walter Stafford, and also implements fitting of the derived g(s*) distributions as a mixture containing of up to ... (2/0) download
HLPlanner 1.0 -  HLPlanner is completely FREE mixed gas decompression software utilising the VPM-B algorithm. HLPlanner&rsquo;s &ldquo;engine&rdquo; is loosely based on Erik Baker&rsquo;s Fortran 77 code, available in the public domain. ... (4/0) download
V-Track 1.5 -  QuickTime movie mixer. VTRACK 1.5 is an OS X-native (and OS 9-compatible) update to U&amp;I's innovative eight-track video montage and special effects tool that can mix QuickTime movies, DV streams, still images, sounds and ArtMatic structures. ... (44/0) download
RAGS Suite 2.3 -  The R.A.G.S. system is a flexible and powerful tool designed to allow you to quickly and easily create fun, exciting games and distribute them to your player. . R.A.G.S. ... (3/0) download
1042-S Pro 21.12.2009 -  1042-S Pro is the easiest and most advanced software for filing all of your 1042-S forms. 1042-S Pro prepares form 1042-S and 1042-T on plain paper and allows you to print recipient copies B, C & D on one page and instructions to a separate page. ... (1/0) download
Gammadyne Spell Checking Module 1.6 -  The Gammadyne Spell Checking Module integrates with Gammadyne Corporation's Systema€‘G user interface to enable English spell checking in any Systema€‘G edit box or HTML editor. Main features: - Contains over 336,000 words. ... (3/0) download
Proton Taksit+zi 6.5 -  Proton Taksit+zi Taksit ile sat--+c yapan t+-m ma-cazalar i+zin yepyeni bir program. 1991 den buyana ilk olarak EGESoft markas-- ile piyasaya s+-relen EGESoft Taksitli Sat--+c--n Son s+-r+-m+- Proton Taksit+zi kullan--ma sunuldu. ... (4/0) download
Exchange Tasks 365 1.3.1301.600 -  Microsoft's cloud initiative has become a major solution for the past few years. Many organizations have already moved their e-mail infrastructure to Office 365, Microsoft's Exchange cloud service. ... (1/0) download
Exchange Tasks 2007 -  Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is a great scalable messaging solution for small, medium and enterprise organizations, but with all it's wonderful advantages it lacks one thing almost every system and messaging administrator requires: A familiar manag ... (1/0) download