Calendar Explorer v1.86

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Lets you explore the Western Church Year. It includes the Major and Minor Feasts, the date of both Eastern and Western Easter through the centuries, and the number of days between dates. You can print the reports or save them in text format. Other features include conversion between the Julian Calendar and the Gregorian Calendar dates as well as conversion to and from Julian Day Numbers. It can also convert between a Gregorian Date and the equivalent Islamic Civil Calendar date and the Indian Civil date. It can display the American Secular Holidays.Calendar Explorer offers a Year in Brief viewing mode that shows all 12 months of a given year in compact form. There is a Week Day finder that finds the week day for a given date (for example, Friday 13th, or when your birthday will happen on a Monday). Calendar Explorer can also calculate the Lunar Quarters (moon phases) for any year between 4714 BC and 9999 AD. It places an icon representing the moon's current phase in the System Tray.

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