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Rainbow Web for Mac 1.1
Rainbow Web takes you on a fun adventure to the land of fairies and elves. Spider, an evil wizard, has cast a spell over fairy creatures and spun a web over their kingdom. Solve 60 puzzles to break the spell now and return the land to sunshine!
Mirror Mixup 1.10.0
Mirror Mixup is the picture puzzle game with a great new twist. Levels are solved by selecting areas of the picture and twisting them horizontally or vertically. Features 4 unique game modes, 125 pictures, 150 levels and 200 bonus levels !
Circulate 1.14.0
Circulate spheres around each level by spinning the entire level left and right. Featuring 120 levels and over 20sphere types. Great visuals with over 40 sound effects.

Call shop

Call shop

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Simple and interesting call shop puzzle, connect call shop together. When you will connect this call shop puzzle together you will see callshop, where to search cool things on the call shop. It is more interesting then watching call shop somewhere. Find real way in this callshop and it's like labyrinth to find correct call shop.

When you will finish puzzle you can print out and play game, find right way from one place to another. It is really hard to do without help of special algorithms, but it is interesting and fair game. People love call shop and voip, you can drive to places what are on puzzle call shop picture and make photos theme, then send us. We will make new puzzles with such photos and make this game more interesting than before.

This is first release of game, so try it. It's amazing callshop puzzle. Maybe there is call shop located voip or maybe other business where you can drive and make cool things. Just imagine find yourself on puzzle, funny stuff we think, you make points where you have been. Maybe you are living in this place and it will be funny to find map of your house. This is secret call shop picture, nobody knows what is there, so try it now. This puzzle is yours totally for free, just to be sure you have good time.

There is no similar puzzles online with callshop, we have made only one unique puzzle of map to let you find right call shop. Also note about safe calling nd be crazy caller, don't drink, be happy. Always be careful with your phone.

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