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Universal Biometric Driver 5.74.13
Universal Biometric driver is designed to communicate PayPunch software with different types of biometric devices.
WinTariff call accounting software 2.9.7
WinTariff is a program to collect and process information about telephone calls. The program builds up various reports - about all calls during the month, calls to a certain internal subscriber, etc.
Headwind GSM Modem Driver 3.1.0717
This SMS software makes your PC able to send and receive SMS by connecting the computer to the mobile device. SMS messages are sent from your own number. The software provides a COM API for automatic SMS processing in third-party applications. PC-to-Phone v3.1.0.15

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(1Mb): 08 s
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(5Mb): 02 s
(10Mb): < 1 sec

Lets you call a regular phone from your computer. PC-to-Phone is a Web telephony application that enables you to make calls to other phones or PCs anywhere in the world at greatly reduced rates. It's attractive and easy to set up. After an efficient Sound Wizard guides you through your Web phone setup by testing your sound card, microphone, and available ports, you're walked through an account-creation process and are given the option of adding funds to your phone account for world-wide calls or using the free phone service for domestic calls. After registration, you're emailed a user number and a password so that you can officially log in and then download the phone dialer that will get the phone working. With speed dialing, an easily accessed phone book for storing numbers, and customized skins, this application has much going for it. The lengthy registration and segmented download, however, in addition to a "Your balance is running low&quot\; message that interrupts every supposedly free call, makes this Web phone best for those who frequently make international calls and would benefit from the substantial savings offered here.

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Voicent BroadcastByPhone Autodialer 5.2.1 -  PC to Phone Auto Dialer Telephone Voice Recording Broadcast. Ideal for group event reminders, marketing, political campaign promotion, events notification, marketing, telemarketing, lead generation, and much more. Spreadsheet interface makes it easy ... (237/0) download 4.2 -  Now you may talk to your loved ones and Keep Talking forever with Phone-Tel's PC to Phone service. Talk from anywhere in the world from any computer with internet connection to anywhere in the world. ... (3/0) download
Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Pro 1 Lines -  Voice2Phone Auto Dialer is a PC to phone software for reaching thousands of people by phone or by voice mail with voice messages. It does not require any additional hardware. ... (21/0) download
Himbe Phone 2.4 -  Himbe Phone is an easy-to-use application that offers PC to Phone service. ... (4/0) download
DialTrixPhone 2.4.476 -  DialTrix's Free VoIP Softphone allows you to make very cheap domestic or international PC-to-Phone calls. ... (2/0) download
Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Standart 5 Lines -  Voice2Phone Auto Dialer is a PC to phone software for reaching thousands of people by phone or by voice mail with voice messages. It does not require any additional hardware. ... (8/0) download
ksatring 1.0 -  ksatring is a pc to phone dialer that enables you communicate with the people around the world. This software is easy to install and it has a simple interface. The display is minimal, with call and end button, call duration, maxim duration. ... (19/0) download
INTECHVOICE 1.0 -  Use your PC, web connection to make PC-to-phone calls to and from countries around the world. ... (6/0) download
Great2Talk 1.3 -  Great2talk offers great PC to phone service quality at extremely low rates. Making use of advanced Internet voice processing technologies, Great2talk ensure premium call clarity that beats most service providers. ... (2/0) download