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DeSofto Traffic Compressor for Windows Mobile 1.0

DeSofto Traffic Compressor for Windows Mobile 1.0
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Publisher: DeSofto
License: Shareware
Size: 87.5 KB
Date added: 2008-10-26
Downloads: 165
Downloads - Last week: 0
Price: $3.00

If you constantly use internet through Windows Mobile based PDA or Smartphone, then no doubt you are interested in saving your money by reducing the traffic. Indeed, now it is possible with DeSofto Traffic Compressor for Windows Mobile. The program reduces traffic from WWW, E-mail, ICQ, RSS, FTP etc. The software is equipped with a unique algorithm that compresses texts as well as graphics. The compression ration can reach from 50-70% and even up to 90%, depending on the web-site and traffic type. However, this will significantly reduce your GPRS, EDGE or WiFi internet traffic. There is no need in changing your programs' settings as DeSofto Traffic Compressor will install itself into internet drivers on it's own. Unlike proxy-servers that compress only the incoming traffic, the software compresses both incoming and outgoing traffic and also headers. What's more, it can compress traffic from virtually any program. DeSofto Traffic Compressor receives the requested web-pages up to 30% faster. Now you can access your favorite web-sites almost at the speed of light, as if it were a desktop PC.Just install the program, complete the free registration and get your trial key for 5 MB of traffic FOR FREE.Enjoy DeSofto Traffic Compressor for the profitable price of €2 / month at most!

Up-sell points:
- Simple and easy to use display interface;
- Unique compression algorithm (up to 90%);
- Compresses texts as well as graphics;
- The program installs itself into internet drivers;
- Compresses traffic form virtually any program;

OS: Windows CE,Windows Mobile 2003,Windows Mobile 2005,Pocket PC
System Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003 and above
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