DiaLog (16-bit) v3.5.2a

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DiaLog (16-bit) is a phone dialer and call logging program. The features include: logging of incoming and outgoing calls, tone or pulse dialing, manual dialing if no modem, speed dialing of 24 numbers, instant access of last 10 numbers dialed, 4 address books, the ability to record up to 6 phone numbers and up to 4 e-mail addresses per entry, the ability to import address book data, calling card and call back feature, 3 pop-up calendar/appointment books, the ability to dial special Tone-Dial services that require additional numbers and/or digits, auto-redial busy numbers, the ability to accepts non-numeric phone numbers (1-800-Egg-Head), password protection, the ability to print envelopes, stop watch, alarm clock, programmable 6-city world clock, and more. Phone logs may be viewed, printed and saved to another file.

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