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Timing software for home automation, to control irrigation, hydroponics, lights etc. This is a program that enables the PC to connect to the outside world, by using the printer port LPT1.
IndieVolume allows every application have separate volume/mute level, independent from other applications volume/mute level. It allows per-application selection of playback device. It allows to mute any application when selected applcation is playing
Screen Ruler 2D 1.14
Screen Ruler 2D is an on-screen pixel ruler which measures in 2 dimensions (horizontal and vertical). It includes a color picker and a window information panel, a magnifier and positioning aids to position the ruler pixel accurately simply and fast.

Digital Blasphemy Logo Screens v1.0

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Digital Blasphemy Logo Screens is a collection of five startup screens and one shutdown screen featuring interesting designs.

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Jeep Splash Screens v2.0 -  Lets you replace the Windows 95 logo screens with Jeep Startup, Wait, and Shutdown screens. ... (30/0) download
The Changer v3.0 -  replaces the Windows 95/98 logo screen each time you start your computer and includes a collection of replacement animated logo screens. It automatically changes your logo screen so each time you start your computer, you have a new logo. ... (65/0) download
Shutdown Patch Logos v1.0 -  Shutdown Patch Logos consists of three logo screens that allow you to poke fun at Microsoft's inability to fix the Windows Shutdown problem. ... (41/0) download
Logo Organizer 2000 v5.00 -  Lets you organize and change your start up and shut down screens. You can organize your logo screens into "families&quot\; (startup, wait, and shutdown screens), and easily select them all as your default logo with a single click. ... (58/0) download
KasPlus Sales 4.0 -  A (multi-user) EPOS program, enabling one to control - via a network - till 10 cash register from one PC. Barcode scanners, (receipt) printers, digital scales, touch screens and cash drawers are supported. ... (1/0) download
Rachel and Ross Theme v1.0 -  Rachel and Ross Theme is a desktop theme featuring Rachel and Ross of the popular TV show, "Friends". It includes wallpaper, icons, cursors, animated cursors, and WAV sounds. ... (33/0) download
Spirofractal Screen Saver and Application v3.03 -  Spirofractal Screen Saver and Application generates cool-looking fractal, strange attractor, and cellular automata images, either automatically and at random, or based on parameters you set up. ... (24/0) download
Wallpaper Drag v3.0 -  Wallpaper Drag is a System Tray utility for customizing your wallpaper. This utility resides as a convenient icon in the System Tray area of the Windows taskbar, giving you access to wallpaper settings with one left click of the mouse. ... (28/0) download
Supermodels Wallpaper -  Supermodels Wallpaper is a collection of seven BMP wallpaper images of supermodels. The selections include: Angie Everheart, , Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Karen Mulder, Kathy Ireland, Niki Taylor, and Rebbecca Romijn. ... (32/0) download
Without Me Desktop Theme 1.0 -  The song starts out with "guess who's back, back again" so there's some personal feeling behind this one and it really felt good to get it out of my system. No pun intended. ... (0/0) download