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Archive Manager - Datacenter 3.28
Archive Manager is a one of a kind file archiving solution for network shares. You get all the features you'd expect, but there's no database, just NTFS from start to finish. It is the fastest and most reliable archiving software ever.
Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery 3.2
Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is an efficient and reliable utility to repair corrupt Oracle databases created in Oracle 9i, 10g, or 11g. The tool recovers Oracle database objects by repairing .DBF files and shows the preview of recoverable objects.
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery 5.0
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery efficiently repairs Exchange databases (.EDB files) to recover precious user mailboxes. The software scans your EDB file to extract data of each user mailbox and save it as an equivalent Outlook PST file.

diskSpace Explorer Pro v2.0

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diskSpace Explorer Pro helps you manage your disk space by examining directory contents, cluster sizes, and more. diskSpace Explorer shows you the allocated and wasted space for each file or folder using an interactive pie chart display. It reports how much space is wasted on the current drive due to the drive cluster size and how much would be wasted for other given cluster sizes, allowing you to make intelligent choices on how to repartition your hard disk to reduce wasted space. You may also see how your drive would look like with another cluster size or file system (for example, on a CD-ROM or with FAT32 drives). This "Pro&quot\; version of diskSpace Explorer offers all of the features of the regular edition, along with several features that power users and network administrators would find useful. These features include: the ability to scan and explore network drives\; the ability to quickly locate large folders (disk "hogs")\; the ability to export detailed reports into space-, comma-, or tab-delimited format\; a powerful command-line mode for generating reports\; and tight integration with the Windows shell.

Export Lotus Notes Calendar to Outlook matched in SoftList
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diskSpace Explorer Network Edition 3.0 -  diskSpace Explorer 3 Network Edition is designed to help the networking administrator to allocate and manage the computer or server hard disk space the way professionals do. It features an intuitive pie chart that graphically displays the contents ... (14/0) download
MP3Explorer 1.4 -  Advanced MP3 manager &amp\; search bot:Free membership and over 1 billion of 100% free downloadable Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi mp3 songs MP3 Explorer Pro is a Microsoft Windows appplication that allow you to access and play over 1,000,000 MP3. ... (42/0) download
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