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E Answer Sheet 1.0

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Hi everybody, if you are preparing for any exam that has objective type questions, then “E Answer Sheet” is for you. You might have purchased any book that contains a lot of objective type questions, that aids you in the preparation for the exam. The Old Way: You take a notebook or a piece of paper and write down your choices for each question as you practice them. To check your answers after you attempt all the questions, you compare your answers with that given in answers page of your book and mark which have gone wrong. The comparison of answers takes more time especially when the number of questions is more. Also, if you have practiced a lot of sets of questions, then it is a tedious job to refer back to a particular topic in future and study what you have marked previously for each question and which answers have gone wrong (so that you may practice them again) unless you have written them in the book or paper neatly. The “E Answer Sheet” Way: Before you attempt questions in that book, you simply create an answer sheet for each set of questions by specifying a title and answers to those set of questions. The application presents you with an answer sheet like interface, where you mark the option you want for each question. With a single button click, you instantly get the results of your practice. Features of E Answer Sheet: · Facilitates creation of new answer sheets easily · Convenient answer sheet like interface to mark options as you practice · Instant results of your practice · Correct answer display for the questions that you have answered wrong · Storage of your answered sheet, so that you can easily refer later which questions you have answered wrong · Resetting of sheet if you want to practice again the same set of questions

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