Early Learning v5.0a

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Early Learning includes 15 educational programs for children ages 3 to 7. "Letter Fun&quot\; teaches recognition of the lower and upper case letters, picture-word relation, and spelling of some simple words. "Counting Fun&quot\; shows the relationship of numbers and objects by teaching basic counting skills and number sequences with seven different exercises. "Early Math&quot\; presents a tutorial in the basics of addition and subtraction. In "Snowman Math&quot\; children race to see who can build their snowman first by answering addition and subtraction problems. "Colors&quot\; and "Shapes&quot\; each provide five exercises in learning about seven basic colors and shapes. "Patterns&quot\; provides help in skills needed for reading. "Matching Fun&quot\; challenges a child's memory skills by requiring him or her to remember where certain objects are hidden. In "Barnyard Fun&quot\; a child tries to remember where animals are in Farmer MacDonald's barn. In "Memory Game&quot\; one or two players try to find matching colors, shapes, or pictures on a playing board. "Puzzle Time&quot\; challenges you to solve computer-generated jigsaw puzzles. "Bug Builder&quot\; is a fun race game even a two year old can play. "Tic Tac Toe&quot\; is the classic puzzle. "Treasure Maze&quot\; is a fun game in which you try to find the hidden treasures and escape. "Balloon Popper&quot\; lets you pop balloons as they fall from the sky.

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