Ed.Ann 1.2.3

Ed.Ann 1.2.3

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(512k): 01 m 12 s
(1Mb): 36 s
(2Mb): 18 s
(5Mb): 08 s
(10Mb): 04 s

Require: iOS 4.0 later.

Ed.Ann is Calendar application for Photo.
This calendar is use as Diary, Note, Memo.

Write your schedule in white paper like Diary. Freely, attach photo and write text.
This application has many systems for processing image.

When you write your time schedule, it is aligned the time list, display on month overview.

Processing image :
>>Write text on image.
>>Draw lines and circle, paint on a layer.
>>Trimming, Rotate, Flip.
>>Folder system.

For Edit schedule :
>>Time Table
(Write sentence & set time. it makes list for time schedule)
>>Schedule Note
(Write on free layout, you can write text, attach image)
(Write or paint, and save in directory. you can include into calendar)

Sending & sharing :
>>Sync with default iOS calendar.
>>Your data change to image.
(Schedule, multiple locations, URL, address, phone number. these data treat as image, So you can send by mail, upload on SNS)
Changes: Bug Fixed

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