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EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver SDK
EaseFilter File system encryption filter driver SDK provides a comprehensive solution for transparent file level encryption. It allows developers to create transparent encryption products which it can encrypt or decrypt files on-the-fly.
EaseTag Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK
File System Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK, is a data storage technique which automatically moves data between high-cost and low-cost storage media.
Java Barcode Reader 2.0
Java Barcode Reader is a Java library which recognise and read barcode images. It Supports up to 20 1D and 2D Barcode Symbologies.

Follow Mouse 1.1

Download: Download Site 1
(512k): 13 s
(1Mb): 07 s
(2Mb): 04 s
(5Mb): 02 s
(10Mb): < 1 sec

REALbasic coregraphics drawing example. Follow Mouse shows to REALbasic developers how to draw with coregraphics and how to use the window groups with declares to move the window to the front (over the dock) or the back (behind desktop icons).

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Advanced Tooltip 1 -  Easy to use and customize tooltip. ... (20/0) download
Pixy Color 6.2.0 -  Pixy Color is unlike some pixel colour reporting programs, simple to use, easy to understand pixel color reporting. ... (4/1) download
3D Image Carousel Menu - Engine 1.0 -  This a XML driven 3D carousel, fully customizable.To make things easier, most modifications can be done from the xml file.It can be a menu, a product showcase, anything you want. Supports vertical and horizontal carousels as well as transparent pngs. ... (1239/0) download
Magnifier Powertoy for Windows XP 1.0 -  Magnifier is one of the several so called &ldquo;PowerToys&rdquo; for Windows XP, available at the download section of the Microsoft Corporation Web site. ... (2/0) download
Follow the mouse drawing game 02 10 -  Follow the mouse drawing game Follow the mouse drawing game. ... (27/0) download
Blur Percentage Preloader 1 -  AS3 coded mouse follow preloader with BlurFilter. ... (4/0) download
Follow Me v1.00 -  Automatically moves your Start button horizontally on the taskbar to follow your mouse cursor. To disable it, you simply move your mouse cursor to the top left corner of the screen. ... (85/0) download
Cat vs Mouse 1.0 -  You can follow FBS Software on Twitter! Cat vs Mouse is a game for all the "age", arcade style. The goal of the game is to help the mouse to avoid the cat and be careful to the various traps,eat cheese to finish ... ... (7/0) download
Monster Eyes v6.0 -  Monster Eyes is an entertaining Windows "eyes&quot\; program that displays the face of a creepy monster on your desktop whose eyes follow your mouse. ... (65/0) download
ActiveEyes v1.0 -  Allows you to follow your mouse pointer and determine how far it has travelled. The program's options let you run it at Windows Startup, animate it at a specific time interval, and change the various colors associated with it. ... (90/0) download