Ford Racing 2 2.5

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Since the birth of the motor car, Ford has set the standard for others to follow. Ford Racing 2 features the best Ford cars since 1949, from legends like the 1956 F-100 pickup and 1968 Mustang GT to future classics like the super-car slaying Ford GT.Features:E Choose between 32 different super-detailed cars including Mustangs,Thunderbirds, F-series pickups, cars from movies and TV shows, exotic concept cars, 200mph stock cars and many moreE Race on many sumptuously detailed tracks, race on Road Tracks, Desert and Jungle Off-Road tracks, Oval Speedways and Race Circuits E Pit your wits against 34 different challenge games to unlock Cars, Tracks and Game ModesE Play 8 different game types including Standard Race, Duel, Drafting, Racing Line, Time Trials and Elimination modesE Go head-to-head against your friends in split-screen races

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