GolfXion 1.0

GolfXion 1.0

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NOTICE: This App requires Face Detection in video mode. iPhone 4S and below, and iPad 1st generation are NOT supported. Please check the technical specification for your Apple device and look for Face detection in video mode before purchase.

ATTENTION All Golfer: Don't practice to make your swing flaws permanent, GolfXion gives you instant feedback. Here's how GolfXion helps: -

This App leverage the advanced Face detection hardware of new generation iPhones, iPod, iPad and iPad mini. This app gives golfers instant feedback on head movement in order to improve the effectiveness of golf swings and putting practice. This App operates handsfree where: -

* Head Still starts video recording
* Subsequent Head Movement stops video recording with audio alert
* Automatic video playback (handsfree operation)
* User configurable thresholds to customize the tolerance of head movements
* Tracks the number of swings and true practice hour
* iPhone, iPod and iPad must be mounted on a stand (not included) or tripod mount (not included) and front facing camera must be vertically aligned to the golfer.
* There must be sufficient space between the golfer and the stand holding your Apple device. (NOTICE: The author will not be held responsible for any damages and/or injuries whether intentional or accidental that occur when using your Apple Device in such a manner)
* For the best experience, please use the latest iOS 6.1 or better.

Did you know that all golf good golf swings have one thing in common? This is so important that all golf coaches will constantly correct this flaw. It is so important that it applies to swings your drivers, fairway woods, irons and putting. It's keeping your head still. It's not really a secret that you have to keep your head still in order to maintain good golf posture so as to be a good ball striker. Good posture will also improve your putting too. Most golf swing flaws will show the symptom of moving your head while you make your golf swing.

Keeping your head still is such important fundamental that you need to have to have someone constantly check it for your while you practice. Usually that would be your golf coach. Unfortunately, muscle memory takes around 1,000 hours of practice to ingrain which is why golf professionals are always playing golf and working on their golf swing. So for 1,000 hours of golf coaching time that adds up to be quite a big sum of money.

GolfXion use Apple's Face Detection video hardware acceleration to detect when you move your head. It is really simple to use as there are no buttons to press any button before you make a swing, GolfXion uses the front facing camera to automatically detect when you head is still and give you an audio alert when your head moves. GolfXion automatically replays the video of the recent golf swing. It even helps you to keep track of the number of golf swing and actual practice time.

After you made one golf swing, it will automatically be ready to detect the next time you setup for a golf swing. GolfXion is really the golf practice buddy that you have been waiting for. So let's download GolfXion and groove in your swing with video feedback. Remember it takes 1,000 hours of practice to build muscle memory needed, don't waste your golf practice time by practicing to make your flaws permanent. GolfXion is totally different from other golf swing analyzer which caters to the golf coaches. GolfXion is created to help amateur golfers like you and me.

GolfXion can be used by golf coaches to help their student learn good golf fundamentals.

NOTICE: The tripod or stands to hold your iPhone and iPad are NOT included. The author will not be responsible for any injuries and/or damages that may occur to your, your child, other people, equipment and fixtures. If you consent to let your child use this App then it your parental duty to supervise the child during the entire practice session.