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Home Buyer's Financial Calculator v2.8.1

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Lets home buyers calculate the financial scenarios related to the purchase of a new home. This full-featured program includes a Quick Calculator, Mortgage Qualifier, Amortization Schedules, Payment Grid, Loan Comparisons, Biweekly Payments, Refinancing, and Good Faith Estimates.The Quick Calculator lets you instantly determine answers to basic questions about principal, number of payments, interest rate, and payment amount.The Mortgage Qualifier calculates your maximum monthly payment and mortgage amount based upon the most common underwriting guidelines.You can quickly create an Amortization Schedule by simply entering the mortgage amount, interest rate, and number of payments. You can easily add extra payments (added to a single payment, a range of payments, or all scheduled payments) and see the effects on the principal.The Payment Grid Calculator displays a 2-dimensional grid of payment amounts based upon user-selected ranges of loan amounts and interest rates.The Loan Comparisons Calculator simultaneously displays and compares up to five different loan scenarios.The Biweekly Payments Calculator instantly calculates and displays the savings in time and money you can realize by making biweekly (vs. monthly) mortgage payments.A Refinancing Calculator helps you determine how long you must maintain a new mortgage to break even on refinancing.The Home Buyer's Financial Calculator can also generate, display, and print Good Faith Estimates based upon values you enter.It also includes a helpful Home Buyer's Glossary which is integrated into the Help file.This demo is fully-functional. When you register The Home Buyer's Financial Calculator, it can be customized to display a real estate agent's graphics, message and contact information. You can then distribute the program on a single diskette so that home buyers think of you each time they use the program.

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