Horse and Musket: Great Battles of the 18th Century v0.15

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Horse and Musket: Great Battles of the 18th Century is a historically accurate strategy game that lets you rally the troops on some of time's most prodigious battlefields. Horse and Musket: Great Battles of the 18th Century is the sequel to Dragoon, the acclaimed 18th century warfare simulator. You can replay scenarios for the century's most famous battles, from Marlborough to the American Revolution by either following the actual battlefield account or choosing to rewrite history. Manage a historically accurate game system with rules for: individual leader initiative and command activation\; movement and combat disruption\; formations\; unit quality and morale\; cavalry charges\; infantry assault\; rally\; disengagement and more. Exacting attention covers the unique details of the 18th century battlefield. You can play over 20 scenarios featuring Prussia, Russia, England, France, Sweden, Austria, Saxony, and colonial America. Battalions of infantry include grenadiers, line and light infantry, cuirassiers, dragoons, hussars, Cossacks and three types of artillery. Authentic battle maps and army compositions make for unparalleled realism and a full scenario editor lets you create your own maps, armies and battles.

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