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MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Mac Version) 1.0.3
MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Mac Version) is an all-in-one third-party program to recover call history, text messages, contacts, photos and more from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch easily.
MobiKin Doctor for Android (Mac Version) 2.2.4
Accidentally deleted something important on Android phones? Formatted your Android device without back? Don't worry, MobiKin Doctor for Android (Mac Version) can help you find all your lost data or files back on Mac OS X.
MobiKin Assistant for Android (Mac Version) 1.0.0
MobiKin Assistant for Android (Mac Version) is the World’s 1st quick, simple and safe Mac Android desktop assistant to help Android fans to manage or control their mobile phone or tablets data in an unbelievable way.

I Talk You Messenger Free 1.0

I Talk You Messenger Free 1.0

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(512k): 31 s
(1Mb): 16 s
(2Mb): 08 s
(5Mb): 04 s
(10Mb): 02 s

Free Version!!!!

I Talk You Messenger is the most popular social client for iPhone. It's the best way to connect with your friends.It stable,reliable and easy to use. It use gmail account sign in .so your personal information is not collected confidentian and secure.

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