Indigo Scape Home 1.0.474

Indigo Scape Home 1.0.474

Indigo Scape Home delivers advanced Internet security features at a budget price and is perfect for restricting Internet access to family and home office computers systems.

Parents or home users worried about allowing children or other sensitive Users Internet access can feel confident when using Indigo Scape.

Key Features and Benefits:

Internet Filtering
Content Filtering
Internet Monitoring
Statistics and Reporting

A simple setup and installation typically has this product running in under five minutes. You can restrict Internet access quickly and protect against pornography and other harmful sites on the Internet with Internet Filtering and Content Control.

Indigo Scape Home gives the best combination of security and value for money giving complete confidence and piece of mind about allowing access to the Internet in a simple to use package.

Advantages of Indigo Scape:

- Prevents Internet misuse and abuse.
- Internet Filters can block specific Websites.
- Content Filters block other harmful sites and are customizable.
- Monitor, Report and Control all Internet usage.
- Feel confident about allowing Internet access.

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