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Invisible Browsing 6.7

Invisible Browsing 6.7
5 Stars

5 Stars
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Publisher: Amplusnet
License: Shareware
Size: 3.0 MB
Date added: 2008-02-06
Date updated: 2008-02-06
Downloads: 295
Downloads - Last week: 0
Price: $29.95

Invisible Browsing can be activated through manual or automatic mode. The manual mode allows you make all the settings, to choose the proxy and test it, while in the automatic mode all you have to do is a simple click on the button and you will surf anonymously. Invisible Browsing will hide, change or mask your IP address, letting you surf anonymously preventing your IP or other information to be collected without your permission.

Invisible Browsing allows you to change your IP anytime by routing your Internet traffic through overseas servers. All proxies are tested in advanced providing a high speed anonymous Internet connection. Proxies followed by the tag "supports POST" allow dynamic internet browsing and posting messages on various forums, message boards or vote in polls.

Invisible Browsing is an efficient Internet Explorer Privacy Solutionerasing automatically and in real time, all your online tracks.

1.Proxy Driver
The Proxy Driver is a new and major feature of Invisible Browsing. As the proxies' quality differs by download speed and response time, this feature allows you to adapt the proxy list provided by Invisible Browsing toyour geographical location and your internet connection. One can also import and test proxy list from the Web.

2.Auto Change Proxy - Continuous - Automatic Anonymity
Invisible Browsing comes with an auto change proxy feature. This option allows you to define a list of proxies from the main listprovided by Invisible Browsing and have them changed automatically at specified time period.

3.Online Privacy - Browser Cleaning
Invisible Browsing erase all your online tracks such as Browser Cookies, Internet URL History, Typed URL history, Auto Complete Forms and Password History and TemporaryInternet Files.

OS: Win98, WinME, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Vista
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