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Terminal Service Plus
Easy to use, TSplus is reliable, scalable, unexpensive and runs on XP, Vista or Small Business Server. TSplus includes features such as remote application access, seamless windows, load balancing, remote file transfer, Universal Printer.
Radmin Remote Control 3.5
Radmin is fast remote control software for secure access to remote computer via Internet or LAN in multiple modes: view remote desktop, control remote PC's keyboard and mouse, file transfer, telnet, remote turn on/off, text and voice chat.
Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine 1.0.228
Receives Wake-On-LAN magic packets and starts up virtual machines. Supports Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual PC, VirtualBox, VMware Server, Workstation, Player, Parallels WS. The built-in service allows to run machines without logon to host machine.

iRAPP 1.2

iRAPP 1.2

(512k): 48 s
(1Mb): 24 s
(2Mb): 12 s
(5Mb): 05 s
(10Mb): 03 s

iRAPP allows you to do all this in a new and innovative way. With iRAPP, you can work seamlessly and simultaneously on your PC and Mac applications. iRAPP is the perfect blend of both worlds and you won't believe it until you have experienced it.

iRAPP stands for interactive Remote APPlication. It is a remote control software which allows you to view and fully interact with a remote or local Mac. The iRAPP client runs on your PC and merges the remote OS X system into your desktop experience. The unique and innovative event handling solution allows you to work on individual Mac and PC applications side by side as if they where part of the same operating system. Individual Mac and PC applications sit seamlessly side by side on your screen ready for your use.

iRAPP doesn't only give you a remote screen view like VNC, it actually merges your PC environment with your remote Mac machine. With iRAPP, you don't have to choose between PC or MAC, you can efficiently use the best of both worlds! iRAPP is the natural evolution of the remote system access. It merges the connected systems and gives the user the desired usability and experience.

iRAPP has a wide range of applications including system administration, IT support and helpdesks. It can be used to troubleshoot a remote Mac, to run a specific Mac application and to "cut and paste" text and images from Mac applications to PC applications.

With iRAPP you can:
* Work on both your Mac and your PC at the same time, using one screen and one keyboard
* Control and work on a single or multiple Mac machines directly from your PC
* Cut and paste text and images from OS X

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iRAPP Client 1.8 Build 5267. -  Do you have both a Mac and a PC at home or at work? Do you wish you could work on all of your computing devices at the same time? ... (1/0) download