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Network Administrator's Toolkit 10.2
A set of network management tools designed for the corporate network administration. This toolkit consists of the two components that will monitor your corporate servers availability and performance and inventory user workstations.
netBerry 1.1
The complete set of network management tools in one box: network inventory, remote desktop, remote processes view, equipped with the standard tools like remote services management or remote Registry editor.
Alchemy Network Inventory 8.2
Network Administrators use this tool to inventory computers in the corporate networks for the software and hardware configuration, generate software licenses reports, etc.

IView Lite Inventory Manager 3.0

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Audit software gives you up to date accurate and comprehensive inventory details.It is a complete solution for tracking IT assets across your enterprise. It combines a simple interface with advanced functionality for up-to-date hardware/software info

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PC Inventory Manager v2.31 -  PC Inventory Manager helps network administrators keep track of machines, parts and service histories. ... (24/0) download
Network Inventory Manager -  Network Inventory Manager is a tool that helps network administrators and help desk staff to more easily manage their networks. Network Inventory Manager can store your inventory information in MSDE, MSSQL Server 7. ... (33/0) download
Personal Inventory Manager 1.0 -  Your many possessions are probably worth thousands of dollars ? to protect against loss, you?ve got insurance. But, if a loss should occur, you will need an accurate record of each item ? how much did it cost, how much is it worth, and where was it ... (13/0) download
Network Inventory Manage 3.0j -  Helpdesk and Network Management Software Network Inventory Manager is a tool that helps network administrators and help desk staff to more easily manage their networks. Network Inventory Manager 3. ... (40/0) download
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